Madam Pomfrey: The source of an infectious disease?

Our beloved hospital wing is known to be a magical place where sick or injured students are healed by our nurses, but what if the sickness itself came from within the hospital wing? Rumour has is that one of our own nurses, madam Pomfrey has caught an infectious disease and we’re here to uncover the truth for you.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with madam Pomfrey, you’re missing out. She’s known for giving the best hugs in the whole magical world, but ever since a few weeks ago students have noticed the lack of those warm hugs. A lot of students figured it was something personal or she’s been told off by her boss, so we dug into the case. After interviewing a few of her rather close students, friends and staff, we came to the conclusion that no one knows what’s going on with Pomfrey:

“Her hugs were the only thing that made ending up in the hospital wing a little more bearable, I really miss them. I tried asking Pomfrey if everything was okay, but she completely brushed it off and ignored the question, I’m worried for her.”, says Cloby, a Gryffindor student.

“She hasn’t been turning up to her shifts for over a week now, we don’t pay her to stay home. I tried to reach out to her but couldn’t get in touch. As much as I like her, there will be consequences if she doesn’t call in sick by next week.”, says headmaster Felix.

Since these testimonies didn’t really get us any further in our mysterious case, we decided to call up our sources in the ministry of magic and pay a visit to Pomfrey’s house. What we found was utterly shocking and anything but what we expected to ‘bump’ into. We found a green and purple rashed Pomfrey, covered in itchy bumps, surrounded by tissues on the couch. We knew pretty quickly what we were dealing with and she herself confirmed it’s the very contagious disease… dragon pox. We called up her colleagues from the nursery wing, who took her to the hospital and treated her with care. It’s safe to say that no one got infected and madam Pomfrey is recovering from her illness. Let’s hope she turns back to her old self soon, because I think I speak for all of us when I say I miss her hugs.

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