Hogwarts Scandal: Pixies Infiltrating the Corridors?!

Yes, you read that title correctly. Hogwarts is facing yet another threat, and this time it’s our worst little blue nightmare. For some unfortunate souls among us, they already know exactly what I’m talking about through encounters over the past few weeks, so if you don’t, let’s keep it that way. Now, what exactly is haunting our Hogwarts halls these days? That’s right: pixies, loads of pixies.

These little creatures may seem harmless at first, but let me educate you on a little something to prove you wrong: first of all, their screams are awfully high pitched and shrill, often being compared with listening to “a lot of budgies arguing.” This is especially noticeable when you’re trying to sleep in your dormitory and a group of them swarms by EVERY 5 SECONDS. I’m fine, okay, leave me alone. As if that isn’t annoying enough, these little creatures hold enough power in their little blue arms to lift you by the ears and drag you all the way to the top of the Owlery. Legend has it that a woman from the 17th century got abducted by them and was never to be found again. You think I’m done, right? Wrong! Last but not least, keep your belongings safely locked away, because these evil creatures love to snoop around them and take a few things for themselves. If you were wondering, no, they don’t ask for permission beforehand.

Now that we’re all up to date on what they’re capable of, we decided to put on our Sherlock monocles and take a dive into the mystery as to what brought these creatures here. Our first bet, you ask? The man behind most mischief, our beloved but up-to-no-good staff member… Frenzy!

Flower: Frenzy, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that there are a bunch of blue creatures flying around the corridors lately. Any clue on how they got here and who might be the cause of this chaos?

Frenzy: Ummm don’t blame me. Why would you blame me? It’s not like I did it. And so what? Even if I did, is it that bad? IS IT THAT BAD?

Flower: Well, they’ve been harassing students, stealing important items, and some might say they’ve been flying students around the grand staircase. Whatever they’re doing, it’s pretty serious, so whoever did this will face serious consequences if they don’t come forward by the end of this week. Just putting it out there for you… for totally no reason in particular.

Frenzy: I definitely did not bring them in after buying them from the black market in Knockturn Alley. How could you assume that? I’m offended.

Flower: But I didn’t assume you— …anyway, you sound quite nervous. Am I sensing some guilt? If you have something to say, better admit to it now. The clock is ticking and I don’t have all day.

Frenzy: OKAY okay, fine, you got me. Jeez, no need to be so hard on me. It was an accident, okay? I bought them for a DADA class and left them in the classroom unattended. I went for a toilet break and came back; next thing I know they’re all over the place. I got scared and I ran. Give me a break, those blue devils haunt my worst nightmares. Please don’t make me clean the lavatories again! Anything but the lavatories, they’re the worst!!

Seems like we revealed the truth with some hard-core irresistible questioning and caught our perpetrator! Hogwarts’ staff is working hard on catching all the pixies, while Frenzy completes his kitchen duty for the next week or so. So keep your Freezing Charm ready, and I’d say that’s another mischief managed.

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