New Magical Plant Spotted!

Reports of a strange plant growing in Knockturn Alley have sprung an interest in the Wizarding community and the Ministry of Magic.

Confined within the streets of Knockturn Alley, there are many creepy and dangerous things which can be found there, including dark wizards or illegal trade items. But recently it has been a hotspot for many strange occurrences. Recently a strange plant appeared in the dark streets, attacking people who come near it. How this plant first appeared there is still unknown, but it has shown that it is incredibly dangerous to anyone who might pass by it. From the reports, it appears to spray a strange gas at people who come too close. This gas, however, must contain magical properties because it almost immediately triggers a reaction.

Many wizards and witches have been admitted to St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Most of these people have coughs or other strange illnesses like boils—and something that resembles dragon pox—and which have so far been incurable. Other effects include poorly transfigured people, which has been so far permanent and irreversible.

After being reported, the Ministry has blocked off the area where this plant resides, and people have been cautioned not to go near it. Specialised herbologists are currently trying to examine this new specimen and possibly find a cure for the injured wizards stuck in St Mungo’s.

At this point the full details about this plant and the progress of the herbologists have not been disclosed by the ministry.

What do you think this plant is? And how did it come to be? Let us know in the comments!

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