New Minister of Magic?!

In recent news, there have been rumours of our current Minister of Magic stepping down from his position due to the amount of stress he is dealing with as of right now. We are unsure as to whether this is just a rumour or the truth, but there is a lot of evidence that tells us that the Minister of Magic might be stepping down really soon.

So this brings up a lot of new questions… Who will our next Minister of Magic be? When can one start campaigning for Minister of Magic and when can we expect to vote?

Nobody is completely sure what’s going to happen. Quite a few members of the Wizarding world have shown interest in the position of Minister, but how many will actually put themselves forward is the question. One person told us of a rumour that there might be a dementor interested in the position of Minister. I can’t help but think about how bad that would be if we had a dementor in the Ministry.

We have already noticed a few campaign banners floating around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It seems as though people are already preparing for an election. We have seen a range of different people and animals on these banners. So far there have been a few “Dementor For Minister” banners, “Felix For Minister” banners, and even the Potions professor has a banner proclaiming “Mint For Minister!” After the chaos Mint Mayflower had caused a few months ago, would it be wise to vote her in for the position?

We encourage you that if this does happen and there is an election, vote for somebody you trust, vote for somebody who brings you news and articles… Vote for somebody with a strong voice, vote for Frenzy—

The likelihood of this actually happening is a slim chance, but you can never be overprepared for when things like this do occur. So grab your pens and start campaigning for Minister!

As always, we will keep you updated on all the upcoming news. Thanks for reading!

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