Professor Wulfric’s Evil Class!

One of Hogwarts’ finest professors has been accused of using the Cruciatus Curse on an innocent Hogwarts student. Today we will be looking into this crime and seeing if Professor Wulfric actually did use the curse in class.

Earlier this week, Professor Wulfric taught a Defence Against the Dark Arts class to the students of Hogwarts. No other professors or Hogwarts staff members were present in this class. In fact, only six students were in attendance. This means that nobody knows what actually took place in that classroom. The students were rumoured to be walking out of that class petrified, scared, and silent. Which makes us wonder, what did take place in that classroom?

We all know about the bad history of Defence Against the Dark Arts professors, so could Wulfric also be evil? The Ministry of Magic is looking into this issue and have said that an illegal spell was used in that classroom around the time Professor Wulfric was teaching. The students around the castle have been whispering among themselves about the class, asking what had taken place there. The most popular rumour at the minute is that an Unforgivable Curse was used in the classroom.

We asked around the school to find out what other students thought had happened in the class. These are some of the answers we got:

“I think Professor Wulfric may have attacked someone. I wouldn’t be surprised; he is an evil Slytherin after all…”

“Stay back, you evil Quibbler interviewer! I will not tell you anything!”

“It’s obvious… Wulfric had clearly started singing. I’d be pretty upset with that too.”

“Professor Wulfric’s class? I am pretty sure he turned into a werewolf and tried to attack the students.”

So, what did Professor Wulfric actually do…? Was he really singing in class? Did he turn into a werewolf yet again? We are not sure yet, but we are still trying to find out. What do you think about it all? Stay tuned for updates on the situation.

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