A Peek in the Life of Builder Thistle!

Welcome back to our 5th edition of ‘A Peek in the Life of…’, with yet another staff member to get to know! These staff members are never going to run out now, are they? Oh well, guess I’ll stay around with my articles a little while longer, not that I mind it at all. Today’s mystery guest is really not that mysterious if you just read the article title, but let’s make it a mystery anyways! She’s our embodiment of a Huffle, our loveable head of house. You can easily summon her by talking about plants; how convenient is that? Can you guess who it is? That’s right, it’s Thistle!

Thistle joined aaallll the way back in the beginning of 2014. If I did the maths correctly, I was 10 back then. Crazy, right? It didn’t take her long to get super involved in the server and trust me, it always stayed that way, but more on that later!

“Gosh, I can’t just pick one particular moment that I had most fun with on DA. Honestly, the whole process to where I am right now has just been a blast. Back from when I was helped create the Wiz-court all the way to getting builder and becoming head of house. I would do it all over if I could! People always come and go, not only in real life but also on DA, but I can safely say that the server gave me friends for life.”

Thistle didn’t just come up with the idea of builder out of nowhere. Her best friend Cali at the time used to be a builder. After spending a great deal of time messing around with some projects, the possible potential in her started to become clear to those around her, so she decided to apply.

“Like every builder trial process ever, it was literal hell going through those 1-hour trials. Looking back at it though, there are moments that just made it so much better. One time staff set up a ‘wall of rules’ for me, because I’d stay up for days at a time building stuff. The list would go from actual advice to the silliest things like: ‘Don’t trust Nik’ or ‘Cran is the best staff member ever’. Since joining the team, I’ve been working with the rest of the members to try and make the builder process more enjoyable, so people don’t have to go through it as if it’s horrid!”

Not only does she work on trying to make DA a better place for our fellow aspiring builders, she also leads the event team, is my fellow Herbology club leader, and created the Quibbler along with her partner and soul sister Raven. Without those two, I wouldn’t be given the opportunity to write these articles and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy them. Thank Merlin for that crazy duo! Before I move on to her super interesting outside of DA life, Thist asked me to give a special thank you to the staff team on how they’ve grown through everything together.

“We’ve come from so far and I’m so proud of each and every one of them. Especially Felix for putting so much effort into the server, showing major dedication and giving me the opportunity to be part of this amazing team.”

As I said before, and most of you probably already know, Thistle is our plant lady. Not only does she express her love for nature on DA, she actually studied Environmental Science with a concentration in Sustainability. I asked her what her big dream job would be in the future and here’s Ms. Environment’s answer:

“There are so many things I’d like to do in my life, such as working on promoting urban agriculture in cities with food deserts to working for international climate change campaigns. I think there is a beauty in doing small things that have a big impact. I haven’t quite figured out yet where I want to end up, but as long as it’s something that I can be passionate about and enjoy doing, I’m more than happy!”

This was a peek inside the life of our amazing builder Thistle. Stay tuned for our next bi-weekly edition of a “Peek in the Life of…” And who knows, maybe your favorite staff member is next!

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