A Peek in the Life of Professor Erdal!

Welcome to our 4th edition of “A Peek in the Life of…” I can’t believe this is already the 4th, time flies by so fast. Anyways, enough wholesome speeches for today, let’s get on with today’s staff member! He’s the face behind the Hawaiian shirts, a proud Gryffindor and a questionable part of the Jenner family… Erdal!

Erdal is our most longstanding professor in the community, so let’s rewind a bit and dig up where it all started. On the 12th of July 2016, Erdal joined the server with his in real life best friend. He got sorted in the house of Gryffindor and to this day, he never considered a resort. I’m getting a déjà vu to Frenzy’s interview… What is it with all those Gryffindors and always having so much pride in their house? Apart from Hemmily of course, because she’s a bit different.

Anyways, where was I? Oh right, the sorting hat. After being online for a few days, he decided to take a few month break until November 2016 came around.

“I came back to the server without my friend, but quickly realised I didn’t even experience half of the server properly when I first joined. Like most of us, I quickly became attached to the community and everything around it.”

I asked him for his favorite experience on the server so far and quickly regretted that.

“Honestly, I’ve had a ton-load of fun experiences on DA but there is this one event that always stuck with me. It all started pretty innocent, with ex-professor Jo/Teddy, ex-professor Jack, and I who were just messing around DA a bit. And uh… It got kinda out of hand. We ended up starting a cult, where we burned leprechauns all over Hogwarts. The cult itself is a bit inactive these days, but we’re still looking for new recruits. So if you’re interested, let me know.”

I don’t think he wants to realise yet that he’s the only standing member left of his own cult. But hey, I’m not breaking his tiny little heart when he’s in his denial phase. Let’s talk about his staff adventures, shall we? We all know he’s a bit power hungry, so that might explain his reasoning of becoming professor. Let’s hear him out!

“I was always interested in becoming professor, so when I finally took my chance I was super nervous. I used to host loads of RP classes before applying and got “professors assistant” together with one of my friends Ellie. We got in together, after a super scary process, but it was all so worth it, because I got the chance to talk to the people I always looked up to. I know history of magic isn’t the most popular choice to teach students but it’s super important and honestly really eye-opening sometimes. I’m happy to be able to share that with my students through the server.”

As I like to put it, life isn’t just solely based on your experiences on DA, but goes far beyond that. That obviously counts for Professor Jenner too. Erdal studies bio-medical sciences, and it honestly sounds as fancy as it is. He wants to work in a lab when he grows up, with those cool white coats and those quirky transparent glasses.

“There are so many sicknesses in this world that aren’t curable yet and I’d devote my life to research them and finally find that perfect cure.”

I asked him if he had any hobbies and all I got was “I used to have lots of them though,” so here’s some of the hobbies he practiced when he was younger:

Basketball was perfect for his height, because Erdal is the giant he is, with a length of 6’2″ or 189 centimetres

Taekwondo was perfect to let go of his anger issues. Just kidding, no idea what made him wanna practice a sport I can’t even pronounce the name of.

Piano: he still plays the instrument to this day, but doesn’t get any lessons anymore. I’m guessing he just wants to flex and tell people he’s “self-taught.”

Although he might have no actual hobbies anymore, he still likes to go out with friends, play on DA, bake, and bully Flower. And trust me, he has his hands full with those, especially that last part.

Now, as you might have recognised already, there is a returning pattern in this article. Erdal’s best IRL friend didn’t stay on DA with him, he’s the only standing member of his cult, and his fellow PA Ellie isn’t around anymore either. After asking him for some childhood stories, apparently this doesn’t just happen online.

“When I was 9, we went on a family trip to Paris and wanted to go visit the Eiffel Tower. The rest of my family wanted to leave after a little while, but my stubborn ass wanted to stay. So my parents and sister left without me and after a little while I started panicking because I couldn’t find them anymore. People started coming up to me to try and help me so I started panicking even more, to the point of crying. I ran away, when I noticed my family standing around the corner, laughing at me.”

With Erdal having his fair share of people leaving him, I think it’s about time we show some love to this poor soul and let him know that we’re still here and aren’t going anywhere! <3

This was a peek inside the life of our amazing professor Erdal. Stay tuned for our next bi-weekly edition of a “Peek in the Life of…” And who knows, maybe your favorite staff member is next!








Ps: I hate you xox – Flower

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