A Peek in the Life of Developer Frenzy

Welcome to our third edition of “A Peek in the Life of…” with yet another staff member to get to know! This edition we will be covering a long-standing DA member, famous Gryffindor and developer… Frenzy!

Frenzy joined DA all the way back in August 2017, but wasn’t all that active until September 2019. I guess you could say he pulled a dramatic entrance and exit at the same time. It’s always the same thing with those acting kids! I’m just kidding, more on that later. As I said, Frenzy is a Gryffindor through and through. He sorted into the house, is still in it to this day, and isn’t anywhere near considering a re-sort. Talk about having pride in your house!

Now, Frenzy wasn’t all that tidy and staff-worthy in the beginning. Believe it or not, he was a real rule-breaker. He looked up to Voldemort and killed Muggles… he was on his way to becoming the next biggest dark wizard of his generation. It even went as far as stealing candy from Professor Erdal’s office and getting expelled for it. Luckily he learned his lesson after that and decided to be an example student, pass his OWLs, and eventually become our lovable staff member.

When I asked him how his process to becoming a developer went, I expected a long and heartwarming story, but apparently it took him no more than three days. “I was originally satisfied with being a head boy and representing my house. I got really into helping people out and eventually got involved in some bigger projects. I started helping Felix the headmaster out with things like files, in game stuff, etc. Since I was already partly involved, I decided to message Joe and let him know I was interested in becoming a developer. Since they already knew my capabilities, it took no more than three days before I got the junior developer position.”

After getting a few promotions, Frenzy is now senior moderator and able to help DA grow with his full capabilities. Although the process went fast, he made it very clear how thankful he was for everyone’s support and that he is able to practice his interest on the server. “DA is something fun to do. Something to come back home to after a hard day at school. It’s another family to love and adore. I don’t think ‘fun’ is anywhere near the level of credit DA deserves, because it helps me more than I’ll ever be able to give back to the server.”

Those words don’t just come from our regular teenager. Frenzy is 16 as we speak and has a flair for inspiring speeches, studying psychology, media studies, and drama. As we all once dreamed of becoming the biggest star in the world, Frenzy is hoping to realise an acting career. “I’ve always wanted to star on movies or TV shows. That’s why I plan to move to America temporarily, since they own one of the biggest film industries in the world. I would love to have my own sitcom or star in a comedy/action movie.”

Who wouldn’t be down for a ‘Keeping up with Frenzy’ show, am I right? Or would he focus more on his psychology studies and become the new Doctor Phil? Only time will tell. Now that you know a bit more about Frenzy, let’s all hope he stays on the right path, because who knows what’s in store for us when he turns rogue with a powerful position like his. After all, he asked me to quote: “FRENZY OBEYS NO RULES”

This was a peek inside the life of our wonderful developer Frenzy. Stay tuned for our next bi-weekly edition of a “Peek in the Life of…” And who knows, maybe your favorite staff member is next!

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