Magical Mysteries: Ginger Root Turning People Into Redheads?!

Let’s talk ginger root, people! Ginger is a spice used in loads of dishes in our favorite Hogwarts meals. You might not always realize it’s there, but it is a frequently-used ingredient in our kitchens. For those 18+ among us, you might also prefer it in your butterbeer. Now, how do we know if we are eating too much? Where does one draw the line? Recent discoveries showed some concerning results.

Suspicions have been confirmed on whether or not ginger root turns people into redheads. We all know the name ‘ginger’ also originates from the hair color, but nobody knew that ginger root gave off red-haired pigment. Here’s a statement from one of the test subjects in the experiment:

“I drink and adore my daily ginger root tea, since I was a kid. I started to notice the change in hair color a few years back, but I thought it was just one of many symptoms of growing up! You know how people grow like a billion meters taller when they hit puberty? Well, I get ginger hair. Doesn’t sound too illogical, right? Well, I was wrong. Apparently my ginger root gives off pigment, which turns my hair color into a reddish shade. Not that I mind; I always wanted to be a redhead! Who doesn’t love the Weasley family?”
– Pox, A Gryffindor student

To fix the matter, Hogwarts decided to cut the ginger supply until it returned to a normal amount. This astonishing discovery explains several things. Hogwarts was known for attracting a big amount of redheads to the school. A famous example of this matter is the Weasley family. Now, you might start to question several things. What if past Weasley generations weren’t ginger at all? What if it’s not hereditary and none of the Weasley redheads we know and love are truly ginger?

“My ginger idols not actually ginger?! No way, I won’t accept this. You can show me proof all you want, but I’m not going to believe you. The Weasleys are my fellow natural redheads, nobody is gonna throw shame on their name!”
– Oil, a Gryffindor student

As you can see, not everyone agrees with the recent discoveries. There are still loads of questions with little-to-no answers, but the alchemy team is working day and night to figure out what the ginger fuzz is all about. If you want your hair naturally dyed, take a chance and eat some ginger root!

This is the Mystery Department signing out, with another case covered!

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