A Look Into Some of Our Wizarding World Musicians!

We have many fantastic and talented musicians in the Wizarding World we live in that go unnoticed. Today at the Quibbler, we will be delving in to some of the most popular bands and musicians our world has to offer!

Weird Sisters:

Weird Sisters is a band of 8 male members! Their music is frequently played on the Wizarding Wireless Network if you ever want to tune in. The known members of the band are Heathcote Barbary, Orsino Thruston, Gideon Crumb, Kirley Duke, Donaghan Tremlett, Myron Wagtail, Merton Graves and Herman Wintringham. They have three songs that are very popular! These include Do the Hippogriff, Magic Works, and This Is The Night.

Celestina Warbeck:

A Welsh singer who is known as “The Singing Sorceress,” Celestina actually attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When she was there, she got sorted into the great house of Gryffindor! She has been featured on a popular show called “Witching Hour” which is run on the Wizarding Wireless Network. Some of her most popular songs include A Cauldron Full of Hot Strong Love, You Charmed the Heart Right Out of Me, Accio Christmas, My Baby Gave Me a Hippogriff for Christmas, and much more!

Lorcan d’Eath:

Lorcan is a part-vampire singer that many witches fancied at the time he was big. When his hit single “Necks to You” came out, he had many witch fans that absolutely adored him. As a vampire, however, he was frowned upon by some because they didn’t like the idea of vampires as much back then. Lorcan was born in 1964.


Spellbound was a group of witches that came together to sing! They have had a few famous tours around the Wizarding world, including their tour of “Witch Way“! This was a really popular tour and featured in many newspapers, including the Daily Prophet, Witch Weekly, and the similarly-named newspaper Spellbound. They have had their ups and downs with a few group split-ups, but ended up releasing some fantastic tunes for us to all listen in to.

And there are so many more. We have only covered a few bands and artists in this post, but don’t forget about Coldplay, The Hobgoblins, The Bent-Winged Snitches, and Madame Bletchley! Many of these artists have actually received awards for their music. They are all so talented.

Keep in touch with the Wizarding World around you! All the newest information is given at the Quibbler, so stay tuned!

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