Quibbling Quibbler: Professor Mayflower Going Crazy!

It wasn’t much of a surprise to hear that Professor Mint Mayflower, HogwartsPotions professor was caught offending students in the Great Hall at Hogwarts.

That’s right! We come to you with upsetting news about your beloved Professor Mayflower. Today at approximately 7pm she was caught in the Great Hall calling students dumb, smelly, and chubby. Is that something we want in a future headmistress? I think not!

After hearing multiple phrases such as “Chubby,” “Stupid, waffling kids!” and “I don’t need this job, I can go back to being a famous tiktoker,” we wanted to interview her. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend the interview.

After multiple complaints from parents and children at the school, Felix Black has been forced to take action. Headmaster Black has locked Professor Mayflower up in the Chamber of Secrets below the school. Legend has it there is a prison cell in the chamber just for her. Headmaster Black states that her imprisonment is for security reasons.

It is believed that Professor Mayflower was not only offending students at Hogwarts but also chasing after them with her arms up in the air pretending to be a helicopter. This is called her “special attack.” We asked the headmaster as to his thoughts on his potions professor and why she would turn on the students like that.

Felix Black: Well, what can I say, she must’ve went crazy after not being given the Headmistress position. I didn’t realise she would get this crazy though. I mean… Who runs around and acts like an attack helicopter?

Frenzy Quibbler: Ah, I see, It must have been from the pressure of wanting to get headmistress. Was it necessary to lock her up in the Chamber of Secrets, though?

Felix Black: It had to be done! She was out of her mind. We not only caught her chasing after students, but she started giving out Amortentia to all the students. We had multiple students fall crazily in love with her. This was all, I assume, to get the headmistress position.

Love potions, abuse, and offending students? Professor Mayflower must be going crazy!

With this all in mind, would you now trust Professor Mayflower as headmistress?

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