Gryffindor Head of House Secretly Against His Students?!

In disheartening news, it has been a sad moment at DA as many students have begun to wonder if the Gryffindor head of house, Erdal Jenner, is secretly against them.

As Gryffindors do their best to complete all of their homework assignments, their head of house Erdal Jenner seems to be mysteriously taking points from Gryffindor. After being asked what for, he responded with, “that is classified information.” So is Professor Jenner actually a Slytherin? Well, some people have actually caught Professor Jenner stealing toilet paper, cakes, burgers, and even people’s items. These are Slytherin qualities, after all, and many have said they always thought of Erdal as a Slytherin!

This has become a sad time for Gryffindor, as currently they are in third place for April’s house cup. Slytherin seems to be mysteriously catching up with them as Erdal gives them house points for their homework!

Additionally, professors seem to have favourites in classes. Most professors seem to choose specific people in specific house groups to answer the questions to gain points for their houses. Is this acceptable at Hogwarts? Felix Black as a Gryffindor himself truly shouldn’t let this happen, and there is a supposed staff meeting on the matter.

So the questions we have to answer are these: do professors have favourites in class? Is Professor Erdal secretly a Slytherin?

We may never know…

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