Madam Malkin’s Now Selling Enchanted Satchels Exclusively to Students

Yes, you heard that right! Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions has been a brand new sale. Now each student has the chance to buy a designer satchel designed exclusively for Hogwarts students.

Made of the finest silk known to wizard-kind, these satchels have been enchanted with an extension charm that upgrades every year! As you advance in school, you will need to carry and pack more books, supplies, and snacks for study sessions! To aid with this, the satchel will get bigger and bigger. You can store all your goods and know they’re in a safe place when you use this brand new satchel.

Straight away, these satchels flew out of stock, leaving empty shelves at Madam Malkin’s shop. We interviewed Madam Malkin to ask her how she felt about this and how she came up with the brilliant idea to sell them to Hogwarts students.

“These, my dear, came to me in a dream. I made them from the finest silk and the smoothest fur. I am thrilled that they are going quickly! Every day I have to order more and more because they fly off the shelves, so if anyone is listening out there and wants one, come get them before they sell out!”

It’s the coolest trend at Hogwarts right now. Almost every student has one, and everyone that doesn’t is planning to buy one. Just this morning, they have been stocked up with house pride colours: blue for Ravenclaw, maroon for Gryffindor, green for Slytherin, and gold for Hufflepuff. Get a satchel to represent your house before Spirit Week, starting on Monday the 30th of March!

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