Muggle At Hogwarts Mistaken For a Student?!

In breaking news, the Magical Law Enforcement Squad surrounded Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with multiple members of the Ministry with them. Somehow, a Muggle found their way into the school! The building was believed to be protected by many enchantments, including the powerful Muggle-Repelling Charm to keep it invisible to Muggle eyes. However, one Muggle somehow found themselves inside the castle!

Jakob Horpton, a Muggle in his early teens, was found inside Hogwarts this afternoon. He was thought to be a student at first, but after much speculation, was revealed to be a Muggle. Awestruck Jakob wandered the school in amazement, looking at the magical objects and atmosphere around him. How did he get there? What was he doing?

Departments at the Ministry of Magic are working extremely hard to find out how this particular Muggle made his way through many anti-Muggle enchantments and into the castle. All ministry members are having emergency meetings and are working late hours tonight until they find out how this has happened.

Are Muggles slowly becoming immune to magical protections? It is unknown at this moment how he got there. We asked the headmaster, Felix Black, how he felt about all of this and what his initial reactions was.

“Well, we sent all students to their dormitories first and immediately locked down the school and covered up any magic. Yes, of course we could Obliviate him, but we needed him to get out of the castle first. What was more important to us was how he got in here and saw everything! We are calling a staff meeting tonight to discuss whether or not the anti-Muggle enchantments are enough. I can assure you at home, we are doing everything in our power to stop this from happening. Our final plan, if all else fails, is to relocate Hogwarts. Somewhere that’s harder to find and harder to access.”

That was all we heard from the headmaster, so then we moved to a student that witnessed all of this. “I was wandering around the corridors, and I saw this kid in weird clothes. I cant explain it—they weren’t normal clothes, y’know. Then when I suspected something was weird, I told a professor, y’know? When we found out he was a Muggle, it was mind-blowing because I thought—I thought that Hogwarts had enchanted the school or summit, y’know?”

That is all the information we currently have as the Ministry works harder to find out how and why this has happened. We will keep you updated at the Quibbler!

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