Another Erdal?!

SheikHD teaching one of his first classes as a new member of staff

We know, we know, it’s been a week… But we’re all so excited! As you all should have guessed, we got ourselves another, always very handsome*, Erdal—uh, I mean professor. His name is Ben, aka SheikHD. Don’t worry, he doesn’t randomly slaughter students, although a few students had to visit the hospital wing after one of his spells had gone astray! But we’ve had worse accidents in that school before.
We decided to surprise him by bringing him some cake to his office, but he refused to let us inside, so we just asked him for a statement about his first week as a member of staff.

“I’m ecstatic! Ever since I was a boy attending Hogwarts I knew I wanted to be a Charms professor. The excitement I got from being in my first class is how I want everyone to feel in their first classes of mine. The staff have been nothing but welcoming, showing me the ropes. My first week was amazing. I got so much support from fellow students and a select few have sent me messages saying how great it has been!”
– Ben Herondale

Once again, we congratulate Ben for this extraordinary achievement and wish him the best of luck in his new position! We would also like to congratulate our very own Cheyenne and Frenzy for becoming the two new members of the DA Council, which now replaces the position of “DA Member.”

*he made me write it, send help

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