Hogwarts Headmaster Bans Apparition?!

In recent news, it has been brought to our attention that Hogwarts’ Headmaster, Felix Black, has banned all students from Apparating inside and outside of Hogwarts.

Because of the ban, students cannot Side-Apparate with parents, guardians, or friends, and cannot Apparate even with their licenses. There has been a lot of talk and debates about whether the headmaster actually has the power and the right to do this. Do you think Felix Black can ban students from Apparating even outside of school?

We asked Felix Black why he banned Apparition, and his response was the following: “This will do the tubby little children some good! They need to learn to walk a little. Of course, it promotes the usage of Floo powder, which is very underrated.” After this we asked Felix if the school was perhaps sponsored by Floo powder. “I— No, uh what? That’s crazy talk! Floo powder sponsoring us? Oi! You there, no trying to Apparate! Next time it will result in a detention. Oi! What did I sa—” Felix then started running after the student, effectively ending our conversation.

Is it really up to the headmaster to put a ban on the children of Hogwarts from Apparating? There have been a lot of upset parents and guardians that have contacted the school, threatening to remove their children. At the end of the month, Felix Black is set to review the circumstances and consider whether they should continue the ban for longer or allow them to Apparate once again.

The ministry has been very quiet ever since this came about and have not said a word on it.

While that’s all the information we have for now, we will be sure to keep you updated on anything that happens. If you have any questions or queries, contact us at the Quibbler house!

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