March Horoscopes

Can you believe we are already in March? Neither can I! Let’s see whats in store for each of you:

Aries: Knights! Wands! Swords! This month you will be extra courageous, taking on new challenges around the castle as much as possible. You have so much great energy this month; don’t waste it!

Taurus: You may have found that during these last few days you have been quite grumpy – don’t fret! You may be overwhelmed or anxious this month, but as long as you are able to clear your desk from all of your homework (by doing it, not throwing it in the bin) you will be able to relax!

Gemini: This month will bring a new you! A personal spring clean, if you will. You may take up a new hobby, learn a new skill, or learn a new spell! Invest as much time as you can into this, as it will have positive outcomes in the future!

Cancer: A wish will come true this month! It may be related to love, something emotional to you, or perhaps it’s something that you feel conflicted about. After all, once this wish has come true, you will feel confident about what you want from it. (Maybe a new owl?)

Leo: LOVE! This doesn’t need to be romantic – any kind of love will do! Love for a pet, family member, or a friend! Your relationships with people will blossom, and no love potions will be needed in order for you to strike up a conversation.

Virgo: Unfortunately, March might not be the best month for you. Someone will come back into your life and shake it up a little! This could be good though, as it may be a friend that you haven’t seen in a while! Remember, don’t panic or stress over this – just continue being you and see what unfolds.

Libra: This month you will be on top of all of your classes. So much progress will be made, all your classmates are going to be jealous of you! You may even become each professor’s favourite (just don’t throw it all away after this month).

Scorpio: This month, like Gemini, you will want to learn a new skill. Education will be exciting to you, and you will always strive for the best that you can possibly get! Maybe you want to change NEWT subjects, and that’s okay! Not everything works out at the beginnning.

Sagittarius: Success and determination are on your path for this month! You may be taking care of an old wound that has been eating you up inside for a long time. This month is your freedom month!

Capricorn: Friends and family will be close to you this month. They will help you to gain confidence and help you with your studies! You may have to let go of something close to you, but your buddies will be close by to support you.

Aquarius: This month may be your existential crisis month. Disappointments may come your way, but you need to have hope and faith that it will be better next month! Go through this month optimistic, and you will find yourself happier than ever!

Pisces: Positivity is coming your way this month! Something grand and exciting is going to happen, and you deserve it! It may be something creative, or something spiritual (perhaps you won’t get haunted by Nearly-Headless Nick this month?!), but it will benefit you for the rest of this year!

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