ClubFest Schedule

The day is finally here. ClubFest will happen today at 12pm EST, and the official part will last until 4:40pm EST. Here is all you need to know about this year’s Clubfest:

The Schedule: Each club will have a certain timeframe to present their club to the public, starting at 12:10pm. The full schedule can be viewed below.

After the official part, clubs will host events on a ploy of their leader. If you want to find out more about which plot belongs to which club, contact one of the respective club leaders:

DAC – Gugge / Gero / Red
DC – Aaron / Gugge / Gero
MAC – Snow / Erdal / Eva
FC – Aaron / Hemmily
DIV – Zack / Wulfric / Jill /
PC – Ari / TrashLotte
MUSC – Ari
Quibb – Raven
RPCC – Ben / Wulfric / Ari / Hemmily
CCC – Aaron / Squeaks
ARTC – Wacky
ARC – Nemesis

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