Oldest Wizard in the World Lives On!

Created by Mego

Today we have a beautiful story about the oldest wizard alive (Nicholas Flamel and his wife, thanks to the Philosophers Stone). Jeremy Bagstool has lived for 714 years without any magical aid. He is still going strong right now!

Jeremy Bagstool is an elderly wizard that is currently living in St. Mungo’s Hospital. He has lived an extraordinary 714 years and is still completely healthy! Jeremy tells us at the Quibbler a little about his life and how he stays so healthy. Take some of these tips off of Jeremy to live your life to the fullest!

We asked Jeremy about his childhood and he had this to say: “Where did I go school yeh ask? Hogwarts. I got me Hogwarts letter in 1317 an’ I was 11 years old… Ah, it all seems like such a blur ter me now. Yeh kids in this generation would never understand… Back in my day, Diagon Alley used ter be the place me an me friends hung out.”

Jeremy is currently being watched by the top nurses and doctors St. Mungo’s has to offer. He has already received a lot of recognition and is being given flowers, chocolate, and money from the local supporters around him. He has no family that are alive right now, as he has outlived them all. (That’s the real reason he’s in St. Mungo’s, you see.)

Jeremy then told us whyhe thinks he has lived this long, and he told us this: “Well, well.\, well, yeh wan’ me secret d’you? I don’t really understand meself why I got lucky in this world. I guess I jus’ tried ter be the very bes’ wizard I could be. I excelled at school, didn’t practise in the dark arts too much, stayed safe, an’ oh yeah! I on’y ate organic food tha’ I grew in me own garden. O’ course they are makin’ me eat the hospital food now though…”

Want to help Jeremy’s charitable cause? St Mungo’s is now asking for donations for “Jeremy’s Cause.” All the money goes towards Jeremy and the other long-living elderly people around the world, helping them get the best care possible so they can live as long as Jeremy has. Contact St. Mungo’s for more information.

We at the Quibbler wish Jeremy Bagstool the very best with life and would like to thank him for the wonderful talks we have had with him.

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