We Love You, Thistle!

This week we are celebrating the amazing Thistle’s sixth year on Dumbledore’s Army! What a great six years it has been!

Thistle Quibbler is like a mother to us all on Dumbledore’s Army, and she is a truly awesome person. If you don’t know Thistle, just know that she loves all things nature. She always puts her best foot forward, and she is so inspiring to those she’s around. She is so kind and compassionate at times when you need it and is always there to help you no matter what. All are great qualities for a designer at Hogwarts, especially one of our best!

Nothing on DA would be the same without Thistle. The Quibbler wouldn’t exist, and we wouldn’t have many of the outstanding buildings around DA! So today is a good day to look around DA and appreciate all of the best buildings Thistle has built.

We would like to thank Thistle for being there for all of us and being such an inspiring, loving person around the community. Spread the love for Thistle around the server!

Happy Sixth Year on DA, Thistle.

Love, the Quibbler

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