February Horoscopes!

Aries: This month, Hogwarts may not be so kind to you in terms of your love life. However, your main priority is your self-love and self-care. Visits to the hospital wing will be infrequent (or never) and you will go about Hogwarts looking like a god or goddess!

Taurus: Your hopes and wishes for this month will most likely come true! They are in the spotlight for you, and are the only things that are driving you forward. Any exams coming up, whether you are studying for O.W.L.S or N.E.W.T.S, you will surely be motivated to study for them.

Gemini: You are a fast thinker, so you will regularly change your mind this month. This is nothing to worry about, as the decisions you make are likely to impact you positively! You might be thinking of changing your O.W.L.S, or possibly altering the job you want to go into (from a cafe owner to a professor, for example), and as long as you work hard, you can do it all!

Cancer: February will be full of surprises, from falling in love on Valentines Day, to having all your gold stolen by Nifflers–anything could happen! Any goals you have made will not end here, and you will be able to see in the distance the finish line very shortly!

Leo: February is filled with little frustration for you, having a relatively easy and relaxing time at Hogwarts. Friendships and relationships will blossom and bloom, and any disagreements will be resolved quickly and without hassle. You will be consumed by love and affection from those around you, and you will be returning the favour, even if it is unknowingly!

Virgo: This month, you will be concentrating a lot on your workload, making sure that it is perfect. Any negotiations that have been made will work in your favour, using little to no magic at all! However, realistic approaches should be made, for although you are more likely to receive goods, your professors may not be happy if you constantly ask for a week off of homework.

Libra: Entertainment and social activities are on the table for you! This month will be full of friendship, with very few arguments. However, the highs also come with lows, as any repressed anger from these social activities may come into effect if you were to have a misunderstanding with a friend–and spells will not help this time!

Scorpio: This month seems to be an angry one for you, as a lack of communication between friends and professors will cause you to bottle up anger. Surprising news may be gained in the middle of the month, with someone always near you to vent to. Any Quidditch matches played this month will end in your favour, however!

Sagittarius: For you, this month will be full of exploration. Families will be in contact with news that will benefit you in the future, but you may not realize it straightaway. A fellow student will be needed at some point in order to relieve your frustration, and being cooped up inside your dorm will not help you.

Capricorn: Mars comes into Capricorn on February 16th, which will cause you to be filled with high spirits, and any activities performed during this time will make you feel powerful and mighty. Your goals are on target to be met when they need to be, and your studies are exceeding expectations! You might want to visit the Headmistress when you next get a chance, to talk about Mars!

Aquarius: Your thoughts will be erratic this month, changing several times a day. Ideas will come to mind more quickly, but you will often contemplate them with opposing ones–this may make your History of Magic homework a struggle. Responsibility for others actions will be thrown on you this month, but as long as you keep the anger inside, no punishment will be given.

Pisces: Mercury entered Pisces on February 3rd, which will cause your thoughts to become more clearer throughout the month. Little confusion will happen, and creativity will be at the forefront of your mind. However, midway through the month a worry will appear for something that is still unknown to you, but is not life-threatening. (So no, skipping Professor Erdal’s detention is not on the list.)

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