Hogwarts Just Turned Christmasy!!

Walking around the extravagant, snowy grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you may see some recent updates. The Hogwarts staff has been working extremely hard to make the place look as festive as possible.

Hagrid has brought in all the Christmas trees in after going on an adventure to the highest mountains with the tallest trees to retrieve the great courtyard Christmas tree. He then brought it all the way to Hogwarts and placed it smack down in the middle of the courtyard!

Professor McGonagall and the designers Thistle, Barbie, and Miri have enchanted big, shining baubles to rise elegantly and hang from the fresh pine branches. Flying snowballs have been seen randomly popping up all over Hogwarts as Professor Jake bewitches them to whizz around the school hitting people as they walk across the grounds.

There have also been some giant nutcrackers appearing at the entrance to Hogwarts—they are slowly moving around watching everyone pass by. Why not go up to one and say hello? Keep your eye out on those pesky nutcrackers. You don’t want to find yourself being squished by one of them!

Icy, cold temperatures have surrounded Hogwarts, with temperatures dropping as low as -5 degrees. The snow has been falling since early hours of the morning. It is unknown when it will stop, but it looks like it’s going to be falling for a while. Get out your sleighs and sledges folks, as we might be in for the coldest, snowiest winter yet!

It is recommended to stay indoors if you can, so why not go to the great hall and grab a nice warm cup of hot cocoa, with marshmallows and whipped cream on top? You can eat some of the cookies and cakes offered all day by the house elves as well.

Here at the Quibbler, we would like to wish everyone here a very happy winter as we lead up to Christmas, and remember, there are new things you can do and upcoming events. Don’t forget to log in everyday and use /calendar to retrieve your daily present from Dumbledore’s Army.

Not just that, there is a new cause on the donation store to buy things for! Every donation you make to the server builds up and everything brought within the month of December will be given to charity. Specifically, the cause we are working up to this year is St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Go read up about it and maybe donate—anything can help those poor, sick Muggle children.

Finally, we would like to thank our designers for all of these decorations they have put up for us, putting everyone in the Christmas spirit!

Have a very happy winter everyone!

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