Outbreak Of Warts in Fifth Years—HoM Professor Behind It?

It has come to our attention that many fifth years attending Hogwarts School have recently had an outburst of warts. The reason why the outbreak has occurred is currently unknown, as is the source. Was it an evil prank? Was the History of Magic professor behind it?

Around school, there have been numerous reports of fifth year students waking up with big warts all over their bodies. It’s happened to quite a lot of them too, all starting the night after the History of Magic class took place with Professor Erdalumos. We all know how dangerous Professor Erdalumos’ classes can get; could this be something to do with him? Is he behind this?

Madam Pomfrey is extremely unhappy at the moment, as student after student comes into the hospital wing with warts all over their faces. We asked her if she knew any information on the topic, and she had this to say. “I have no idea where they came from. It is unknown, but I will get to the bottom of it once I analyse them again! I am fuming, and will be having a little word with the headmaster about this!” she said angrily.

Students that have been getting the warts have also been reported to be throwing up all over the place, looking a yellowish colour in the face, and randomly waking up after sleepwalking through the castle. A few of them have even been muttering about History of Magic topics such as Merlin and the history of Hogsmeade. Is this further proof that Professor Erdalumos may have done something to cause this?

The real question we are asking ourselves is that, if he did do this, then why did he do it? Was it because they were naughty in class? Was it so the class would be a memorable lesson? Was it an accident—a spell that went wrong?

It has also come to our knowledge that Professor Erdalumos’ favourite students have not suffered from these warts. It all does point in his direction, and it is a more than a little suspicious.

Next, we asked a student we randomly found in the corridors about the warts. “I been gettin’ em all over me body. I don’ understand why, but I think it has summit to do wit that Professor Erdalumos’ class. I remember it well, I was bein’ proper naughty in tha’ class too. I think he might’a done summit to me…”

So it all leads back to this main question… Was it Professor Erdalumos in his History of Magic class? Only time and further investigation will reveal the truth.

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