Dark Arts Club- Beginning With a Ball!

As many of you may know, there are several clubs hosted throughout Hogwarts, both official (sponsored by professors and/or staff members) and unofficial (hosted by students). For quite a while now, the Dark Arts Club was an unofficial one hosted by our beloved Achilles (Achilleees) and Gugge (Guggee).

We have exclusive, wonderful news for you, readers! The Dark Arts Club (DAC) has become official! It received a staff sponsor from Jack (J5F), even though he has since retired from his position. Still, the club has remained official while they search for another staff sponsor. And even though they’re experiencing this slight hiccup, the DAC is hosting a ball to celebrate being an official club! We spoke with the club’s leaders to get a bit more information on this exciting event.

“Hey members of DA! Have you ever heard of the darkest club in Hogwarts? It’s the Dark Arts Club! The Dark Arts Club, or DAC, recently became official, and is hosting a ball to celebrate it! All you need to do to be able to go to the ball is go apply in the club room! It is all the way down the great staircase, into the dungeons. You’ll see a little door to the right that’s labeled “The Dungeons.” Keep following that path straight until you are across the bridge and past the “Holly Potion” statue. You’ll see stairs going downwards to the left. Once down that staircase, directly to the right is another door. Go through that door, then go straight. Make a left, and you’ll find the club room! It should say Dark Arts Club above it! Simply walk in and fill out the book and quill. If you get accepted, congrats!!!

The ball will take place on Saturday, November 23, 2019. It will be at 8pm CET (2pm EST) at the DAC club room—also the Death Day party corridor.

But why should I come to this ball, you ask? Well, there’s plenty of fun activities, such as riddles, meetings, dancing, dueling competitions, and more! Not only that, but there’s also going to be a 100,000 galleon giveaway! You heard me right, and all you have to do is apply and attend the ball. Also, don’t forget to bring a partner to the dance! But remember, no dating/PDA on DA. You’re simply bringing this person as a friend. Well, us leaders have applications to accept and meetings to host. We hope to see you there!! And remember, November 23, 2019, at 8pm CET. Mark your calendars, and we’ll see you then!”

-Swamp, Dark Arts Club Leader

There you have it, folks! Join the scariest club at Hogwarts and enjoy a celebration of its official-ness!

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