Break In At the Ministry! Time-Turners Gone!

This evening, an unfortunate event occurred at the Ministry of Magic at precisely 18:43 p.m. The Magical Law Enforcement Patrol and multiple Aurors have been investigating the scene. Today there was a break in at the Ministry, which resulted in missing Time-Turners. The whereabouts of the thieves and the missing goods is still unknown. At this moment in time, the Ministry of Magic does not know who broke in or even how they broke in.

If anyone knows anything about this, anything at all, we urge you to contact an Auror, a Magical Law Enforcement employee, or us at the Quibbler so we can pass on the information.

For the last few hours, the Ministry has been on lockdown, letting nobody in and nobody out as this has been labeled a “Serious Issue.” Time-Turners can be highly destructive and can change anything in literal seconds. The Magical Law Enforcement Squad has said they are investigating the log books, and anyone that was there at the time is a suspect.

We asked well-known Ministry employee, Arthur Weasley, what his views on the topic were. “Well, I am actually worried. You can do anything with a Time-Turner, and that’s why we kept them locked away in a secret cabinet, protected with many, many charms. I do not understand how they got into it,” he murmured apprehensively.

The Ministry is doing everything they can to retrieve the Time-Turners before any damage is caused, as Time-Turners are extremely dangerous if in the wrong hands. In this case, all Time-Turners that were previously distributed have been retrieved by the Ministry for security reasons. They have also hidden them away somewhere confidential (hopefully somewhere a bit more secure, too). Hogwarts’ headmaster, Felix Black, had a Time-Turner given to him by the Ministry, and that one has also been confiscated.

At the moment, there are rumours going around that the Ministry is thinking about destroying the Time-Turners for good. Do you think this is the right thing to do? There are meetings being held by the minister. If they destroy all the Time-Turners, how long until one gets created again?

We asked the Minister of Magic for any other information, but he refused to say anything on the matter.

We ask that if you have any information about the break in at the Ministry, you to report it immediately. If you don’t, this could be the end of the universe as we know it.

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