Pixies to be Approved as Pets? COMC Professor Outraged!

The mischief-making magical beasts called pixies are currently the main topic at the Ministry of Magic today, as important meetings are being held discussing whether or not pixies are to be approved as magical school pets. Pixies are bright blue, small, flying creatures that cause a lot of mayhem and mischief. These so-called “Beasts” are going to be entrusted to children all around the magical world? Many think that this will seriously conflict with The International Statute of Secrecy, as these flying beasts may be too much to hide from Muggles . . .

Pixies are unstable creatures in the Wizarding world that enjoy lifting people up by the ears and dropping them on top of trees and buildings. Now, are these the “pets” that you want your child to take to school and have around the house? We at the Quibbler interviewed a local Care of Magical Creatures professor at Hogwarts School named Rubeus Hagrid. We asked what his thoughts and feelings were about this topic.

“Pixies? As pets? Are yeh insane? ‘s an outrage, the Ministry has gone too far this time! They attack people, they have loyalty ter nobody… This is jus goin’ too far, these aren’ pets, they are beasts,” says Rubeus.

We asked around the Ministry for any information on the topic, however they refused to comment on it. Is the Ministry of Magic hiding something? As we all know, there have been some rumours going around about the Ministry and how it has been changing a lot. Nobody in their right mind would want such a beast as a pet.

What else is going to be changed?

Pixies have even been known to abduct people! Back in the 17th century, a lady named Dymphna Furmage was on holiday when, all of a sudden, her beautiful stay away turned into a night in hell. She was abducted by pixies! Again, I ask: are these the sort of pets we want people to own?

We at the Quibbler hope that this does not result in pixies being approved as new pets. After all, we do not want students at school being distracted by their mischievous pets, especially in O.W.L season . . .

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