Shops Off the Beaten Path in Hogsmeade

Have you ever wondered if there were shops you couldn’t access while on your trips to Hogsmeade? After all, there’s supposedly only one street with shops, while the rest are all for housing. Well, let me take you on a journey into the shops that never seem to appear when newspapers talk about Hogsmeade.

Now, of course you have the regular grocery store, seeing as the residents can not live off of sweets from Honeydukes. But what is beyond the usual stores that provide the residents with their wants and needs? Let’s have a look.

Francesca’s Fortunes: This one is the easiest to explain. A fortune teller, who goes by the name Francesca, lives down one of the hidden alleyways in Hogsmeade. She only deals with people who are 17+ (so no, you can’t see your future just yet!). Her prices range from 5G – 500G depending on how far into your future you want to see—don’t go too far, as these fortune tellers are known to lie quite a lot. For example, I got told by one that I would die writing a Quibbler article, but I’m still here, and I have yet to d—

I’m kidding! I’m not dead, and besides, it wasn’t a very good one at all. But Francesca has a lot of extremely good ratings, so if you are over the age of 17, go and test your luck!

Herbert’s Herbs: Now, I know what you’re thinking. But Snow, can’t witches and wizards get herbs from the grocery store? Wrong! Those are cooking herbs, the herbs that you find when you look at all the green stuff in your spaghetti bolognese. The herbs sold to Herbert are the dangerous herbs, the herbs that you find in your back garden and want to get rid of. You can sell those herbs to Herbert—or perhaps buy a few if you want to make some ghastly potions.

Night Necromancy: This is not one for the faint-hearted. Talking to the dead is a shaking experience, and I wouldn’t want you to lose your heads! Wendy Knight owns Night Necromancy and says that she has “always had a connection with the underworld. I would love to be able to visit there and write a book about [the spirits]. I’ve been interested in necromancy since I first spoke to my grandmother, who has been dead since I was born!”
Isn’t that slightly creepy? Nevertheless, if you want to test your bravery, or even speak to a dead relative whom you miss, maybe have a little talk with Wendy. However, talking to the dead can be addictive, especially if it’s a loved one who you speak to every day.

Tough Toys: Some say that this shop is perfect for their children—most say that it isn’t. Although I am sure that Suzie Wainright means no harm, her toys can be . . . disturbing, to say the least. For instance, imagine if you saw a teddy bear that could speak—amazing, right?! Now, what if this teddy bear looked like it had been eaten and its voice was nightmare material. That’s what Tough Toys sells. However, I am pretty sure that families such as the Lestranges and the Malfoys will enjoy giving their pureblood children these toys. So, at least Suzie is getting some sales.

Ferocious Foxes: Is this a pet store? Or is Foxy an entrepreneur? Fortunately, it’s not the second one. Ferocious Foxes is a massive pet store, selling all kinds of creatures that you would not be allowed to have in Hogwarts. From foxes to iguanas to Nifflers, this store has everything you would ever want if you decided to become a zookeeper. This is one of the more “tame” shops, and the animals are all friendly, so this may be the only one that I recommend to you. It’s essentially a massive petting zoo. (Try and get your CoMC professor to take you here!)

I hope I have educated you on some of the weird and wacky shops behind the main street of Hogsmeade, somewhere that I advise you not to go (unless you want to pet a baby Niffler, of course). Many horrible witches and wizards live in these dark alleys and back ways around every village in the world, but there will always be a light shining in order for you to find your way out, if you ever need it. It’s called the sun.

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