Are Hogwarts Professors using Muggle Technology??

Is it time for them to move on from the hazardous oil lamps, dull fireplaces, and other magical ways of providing light? Most likely, as they are all extremely dangerous.

As you may or may not remember, our editor Raven provided us all with an article around three months ago, talking about the Anonymous Ravenclaw that somehow managed to get a signal for their devices to work. As a Muggle-born myself, I wish I knew how to do that when I attended Hogwarts, but alas.

Now, news has spread throughout Hogwarts that this student knows how to fix all technological problems. Muggle-borns have been seen swarming the corridors to find this student and get a connection of their own. I guess the headmaster didn’t think it through when he installed Wi-Fi (a device used to provide technology users with a connection to the world) in the Muggle Studies classroom. However, it is not all a negative thing, as the headmaster has been rumoured to be talking with the Minster of Magic about the latest advancements in technology in the Muggle world, which may provide witches and wizards with a way to access it in Hogwarts. The benefits of this, you ask? Well, for starters, think of all the Muggle-borns who had to leave their friends behind when heading off to Hogwarts, not being able to tell a soul about their abilities. This also includes any half-bloods, as they would’ve had Muggle friends that they lost touch with as well! And what about the pureblood students who have never touched a “Laptop” or “Mobile Phone” in their lifetime? Well, this will be their chance to engage with people all over the world!

Now, here is where it gets interesting. The professors at Hogwarts have been using this technology to their own…advancement? I’m not sure how to put it really, and once I describe what they are doing, you will all most likely be very shocked as well.

Professor Cran: Obsessed with the social media application “Instagram?” Well, it wouldn’t be a shocker, mind you. Apparently, Professor Cranium has been seen taking multiple “Selfies” in the Charms classroom, posting them on this–how he got access to the worldwide web we will never know…

Professor Erdal: Addicted to “Snapchat” filters? Recently, pictures of him have been popping up all over Hogwarts, especially after the holidays where Muggle-borns were able to go back home and see everything on social media for themselves. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with these photos, as they were taken down hours after they were first put up– but I assure you, they were amazing!

At least Professor Jake has a more appealing website that he uses. A website called “,” where he writes stories for people all across the globe to read! While it’s been some time since his last update, I can assure you that his stories are amazing. Professor Jake, this is your call to return to your loyal fans!

Professor Jack and Professor Jo have been using “Discord” more than the other professors, it seems. This is a way to communicate with other people around the world–much like letters, but with fewer owls and more screens. They have often been heard telling students to contact them via “Discord” in order to talk to them about homework or any questions outside of class. I guess the odd few times that we have seen other professors use this app have been for good reasons, but perhaps these two are just friendlier than the rest!

Lastly, we have Professor Bas. What could we possibly say about the Herbology professor who seems to do nothing wrong and could never use any form of Muggle technology in the Wizarding environment. Well, have any of you heard of “Twitter?” I suppose not, seeing as you are all reading this. Well, “Twitter” is a place where you can write out short statements in 280 characters (letters). Professor Bas might be overly enthusiastic about all the “drama” and “tea” that happens on “Twitter.” It’s not somewhere that I could see Professor Bas, but alas, I guess that’s what he loves!

I wonder how long the headmaster will allow for all of this to happen on the Hogwarts grounds–or if he will even put a stop to it. Maybe it is time for the Wizarding world to become more cohesive with the Muggle world. After all, it wasn’t long ago that we decided to finally install toilets throughout the Wizarding world. And I’m glad we did!

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