New Chocolate Frog Cards!

Chocolate Frog Cards. We’ve all collected them at some point. Of course, when one stops getting new cards after buying pack after pack, one tends to stop collecting. The creators of the chocolate frog cards were made aware of this issue, and have decided to follow through with a much-needed update to the collection. New cards have been added, some have been updated, and there’s even a mystery card that no one has found yet. It’s nearly Easter, so lets go through the new cards before you are destined to get one in only a month’s time!

First on the list is the newest professor: Jo “Jose” Weasley.
“Often found pacing amidst her office, Jo, a Professor of Herbology, enjoys the finer things such as teaching, growing plants, and screaming at Erdal any chance she gets. She loves endangering her students all while she edits the Daily Prophet and works as a Co Editor-In-Chief.” Jo does get one of the smaller cards, but it is still worth quite a lot, and I’m sure it will become either a rarity or common over the next few months.

Next on the list is Professor Jake Bagman, who is actually a writer and photographer for the Quibbler!
“A professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, who spends his time taking photographs of the castle, and other various Wizarding locations. He loves flying on his Firebolt and his favourite place to sit and read a good book is the Three Broomsticks. He currently works under Gamekeeper Poto teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts.”
As you can tell, Jake is quite the creative person—taking photos, reading and writing—so this is a great one for you aspiring artists (of any kind).

Next we have the second newest Professor: Jack Nott. “Currently a professor of Care of Magical Creatures at Hogwarts, Jack enjoys locking his students in cages with fire crabs, but endures a massive amount of paperwork for doing so. You can catch Jack in his office or by the black lake eating spicy ramen.”
Just like Jo, Jack has one of the smaller cards, but fear Nott (hah)! It is still a great one to collect! He has also gathered inspiration from a fellow professor it seems, with locking students in cages. We can also see that he likes to eat muggle food—Ramen—which I, as a Muggle-born, suggest that you try it as well!

After so many J’s, I think that it’s time to switch to another letter of the alphabet, don’t you? What about E for Professor Erdal “Lumos” Jenner!
“Erdal Jenner, a Belgian wizard, attended Hogwarts, where he became a Gryffindor Prefect and a Head Boy. After graduation, he travelled around the world; he attempted to go back in time to Ancient Rome, though his friend Gemma Potato took away his Time-Turner before he could do this. He later became a professor at Hogwarts, where he taught History of Magic. Because of his lust for life, he also became Editor-In-Chief at the Daily Prophet.” Thank goodness Gemma took away his Time-Turner, we all know the consequences of those! Erdal really was a model student when at Hogwarts—whether he sets a great example as professor is another story. As you can see, he is also Editor-In-Chief at the Daily Prophet, so go give them some love!

Last but certainly not least, we have Professor Bastian Pokeby!
“After graduating from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he decided to become a professor for Hogwarts. Because of his passion for plants, he was tasked with teaching Herbology. He’s often in his office or one of the greenhouses, nibbling on Bertie Bott’s and experimenting with new ways to grow, maintain, and harvest different types magical and mundane plants. His favourite book is ‘One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi.”’
Professor Bas is someone who loves to try out new things. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans don’t scare him, and he loves to help out students with their homework, or even just sit and chat with them! He is an all-around nice guy, and I don’t think Hogwarts could ask for a better Herbology professor (besides Jo of course!)

Did I say that was the last one? Well, that was only half true. Yes, that was the last of the known Chocolate Frog Cards, but what if I told you that there is a hidden one that only one person has gotten? That person is Cordi, who you may know from a previous article—Are you #Teamquibb or #Teamprophet?—and she is thrilled to have one of the rarest Chocolate Frog Cards! We do not know what it says; that is for you to find out if you are lucky enough to get one! This card is Flux’s card, and he doesn’t ever boast about having it. He is the only one other than Cordi that we know has it, but he probably didn’t spend his life savings trying to get it!

Well, that’s all of the new Chocolate Frog Cards! All of these cards are Legendary, which means that they are quite hard to get. If you are in your third year, try going to Honeydukes to see if they are selling any Chocolate Frogs and test your luck with one of them! I hope you all have a lovely time collecting these and awaiting one at Easter! Have fun collecting!

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