The Ministry of Magic: Back in Action!

As winter is slowly crawling to an end and the buds of spring are starting to blossom, the temperature isn’t the only thing to change. The very heart of the British magical government has transformed as well. You read that correctly, readers: the Ministry of Magic has reopened its doors (and chimneys) to the public after a long period of being closed off! It is now accessible by Floo Powder amongst a variety of other means of transportation.

Not only is the Ministry reachable and its doors ajar, but it also has a completely new design! Hogwarts’ beloved Designer team pitched in to make the remodeling possible. As usual, they did a fantabulous job, and the result of their hard work is nothing short of superb. The magnificent Ministry features ten floors, a couple of which are still closed for construction. They can be reached through the lifts lobby, which is at the back right of the entry floor. While we here at the Quibbler haven’t had time to marvel at every single nook and cranny of the Ministry (yet), we’re all awestruck at what we’ve seen so far! Others seem to share our opinion; I asked Gero Valhalla, an employee of the Ministry’s judicial department (the Wizengamot), what he thought of the grand, newly-built place, particularly the parts concerning his job.

Gray: So, Gero, have you seen the newly reopened Ministry yet?

Gero: Yes, I have. It’s been an adventure to travel through!

Gr: Oh, to be sure! Have you found any particular areas you’ve especially taken a liking to, architecture-wise?

Ge: Yes! The Atrium is a big place with beautiful statues. I also like the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. It has a lot of rooms and even a dragon feeding room.

Gr: Wow! I’ll definitely have to check that out next; I must have missed that corner of the Ministry when I was exploring. But, moving on—as a Wizengamot council member, have you seen the amazing Wizengamot offices yet?

Ge: Yup! The Designers did a great job constructing our offices. They have enough storage and space. They’re great to work in as there is nothing to distract you. The offices are also shared with another person to keep it fun! I currently share my office with Cordi Lestrange, a fellow Ravenclaw.

Gr: It’s wonderful to hear that the Ministry keeps its employees engaged and treats them well. Thanks for your time and the interview, Mr. Valhalla!

One thing we can expect is for Ministry business to be booming once more in no time. With all-new rooms and abundant space, it has an excellent atmosphere. Even if you aren’t an employee, you don’t need to work there to have an excuse to check it out! I’ve been informed that we should expect a few rallies for organizations such as S.P.E.W. in the coming months, which could absolutely fill the Ministry to the brim. If all goes accordingly, there may even be one next Tuesday. How exciting; the first rally in the new Ministry! However, walking around to simply see the sights might be best suited to a different day, and you may want to choose one of those to do so. While you’re walking around, should you spot a build error, please politely contact a Designer. Happy exploring!

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