Raven Gets Real: Time Turners and Teaching

Well, it’s not too often that this reporter gets requests for the advice column, but we’ve finally got some to answer. (By the way, the advice column is always open, so hit me up for advice whenever, cause I really need something to do). Without any further obnoxious commentary from me, here’s your advice, witches and wizards!

Professor at Hogwarts?

Is there a way to become a teacher?

-Mathias Finnigan


Hello there, Mathias!

Yes, there most certainly is a way to become a teacher at Hogwarts. However, it’s quite a rigorous process, so prepare yourself if you are truly sincere about this career choice.
First off, you must know without a doubt what your favorite subject is to teach! After all, the students won’t enjoy classes you don’t enjoy teaching.

Second, do your research. Be as knowledgeable about the subject as you can be. Plan several different lessons (and include fun activities that go along with the subject material!). And definitely host RP classes in game. Invite people to join a public chat room and host a class. It’s recommended that you go to the actual classroom as well, since there will often be applicable materials in the room itself.

The third step is the hardest, honestly. Once you’ve established yourself in game as someone that has a knack for teaching, you have to apply on the forums. There are two types of application. You can apply to be a Professor Assistant, which is a rigorous process. You can find all of the requirements here. While this one is a bit tougher, you don’t have to have any additional positions in game. Now, should you choose to apply for Professor directly, the requirements are a bit more strict. You have to be a D.A. member or a Professor Assistant to be qualified to apply. The requirements to be a D.A. are here.
Sorry for the info dump, but as I said, it’s a rigorous process to become a professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, from what I’ve heard from all the professors I know (which is all of them *hairflip), it’s totally worth it to go through this process.

Should you choose to apply, we at the Quibbler wish you the best of luck!

<3 Raven



Time Turnersssss

Can a Time Turner resurrect people from the dead? If yes, then why didn’t Harry use that to get his parents back?

-Bartemius Lupin


Hey Bartemius!

While this isn’t actually a request for advice, I found it an intriguing question and figured I should respond.
No, a Time Turner cannot resurrect someone. Technically, only the Resurrection Stone can do that, although we know from Harry Potter’s story that the versions of the people it brings back are not really any more substantial than ghosts. But that’s something to discuss another day.
While, theoretically, a Time Turner could be used to go back into the past and stop someone from dying, the repercussions of that small action cannot be foreseen. Whether you consider it canon or not, some of this was shown in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child when Albus Severus Potter went back in time and made a lot of mistakes (one of which resulted in him not existing, if I recall correctly).
Personally, I believe that Harry should have at least gone back in time to save Sirius from falling through the veil in the Death Chamber that night in 1996. That probably wouldn’t have changed too much. But going back far enough in time to save his parents would have some severe consequences that we cannot predict. Perhaps Voldemort wouldn’t have lost his powers for over a decade. Perhaps he would have killed everyone that wasn’t a Death Eater, or taken over the entire world. Maybe he would have decided to go after Neville Longbottom instead, and poor Neville’s life would have been messed up. There’s just no way to know.
I would be interested in hearing what other people think should have occurred. If you were Harry, would you have gone back in time to save James and Lily? Would you have stopped Sirius from going after Peter instead? Would you go back and kill Tom Riddle before Voldemort could come to power? There’s a lot to consider. And if you made any of those choices, what do you think the outcome would be? Would there even be a story worth telling if none of these things happened? Let me know!

<3 Raven


That’s all for this edition, readers! Send in some more questions for me, and we’ll get you another installment to peruse!

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