Muggle Technology Now At Hogwarts?

Last week, an anonymous source revealed to this reporter that they had seen a student at Hogwarts in possession of a laptop! Obviously, this had to be investigated immediately. It will probably not come as a shock that the student (who will also be anonymous, for their own protection) is in Ravenclaw. However, what was a surprise was that the student had the laptop in working condition.

As has been the case since the dawn of technology, Hogwarts has proven to be a “dead zone” for all Muggle devices, due to the overabundance of magic in the air. However, during the Second Wizarding War, several people were able to devise a way for Muggle radios to function despite that (nobody can forget Potter Watch, after all). Nobody really seemed to question how that was possible, as there were clearly more important things to worry about. But now that the war has been over for nearly 21 years, perhaps it’s time to discover just how magic and technology can co-exist at Hogwarts.

If you happen to be Muggle-born, then perhaps you know of the technological device referred to as a “signal dampener.” (Being raised in the Wizarding world, I was not as familiar with such a thing, and had to do some intense research to learn more). This “signal dampener” is typically intended for devices known as “cellular phones,” and renders them unusable. Essentially, the “signal dampener” creates a “dead zone” for the technology. The laptop-owning Ravenclaw student explained that Hogwarts sort of functions as a “signal dampener” in its own way, and therefore the way around that issue was to figure out a sort of reverse “signal dampener.”

“It was rather easy, once I knew what had to be done,” the student said. “I simply rigged a signal dampener to dampen the magic in the air around the device instead of the technology.”

That helped quite a lot, but according to the student, the laptop still didn’t function at its full capacity. The next step, then, was to create a small device that could harness any leftover magic in the air and use it to power the laptop. As the student explained, the small device now acts as a “battery.”

So, should you desire to bring some form of Muggle technology to Hogwarts, all you have to do is seek out this student (who is still anonymous) and ask them to recreate these pieces of technology for you. Good luck with that, by the way.

Should you manage to find them and pay them enough Galleons to get your wish, you may want to take a trip to the Muggle Studies classroom. Word has it that there is something installed there called “Wi-Fi,” although I’ve no idea what that means. Perhaps that student will educate you on the matter.

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