Why Owls Are, and Will Forever Be, the BEST Method of Communication!

Let’s all agree that owls are the best. They’re great pets, great at sending letters, and great at just being wherever you are, whenever. When I was younger, I never wrote anything because there was nothing worth writing about. I had very few people to write to as well. My first pet was an owl and, let me tell you, he was gorgeous! He was a majestic bird, what with the way his wings looked spread out. I received, like all of you, my Hogwarts letter through the post—however a little owl was standing outside the door when my mother opened it to collect the mail. She was the cutest!

Now, if any of you feel like arguing the point, here is why you shouldn’t:

  • They are very fast at delivering your post. How long does it take for your post to reach someone else when you put it in the postbox? It could take up to two weeks! However, with owls, it will take up to six hours for it to be delivered—and you might even get a reply within the same day. How amazing is that?
  • They are super cute! Have you every seen an ugly owl? I bet you haven’t, and even if you claim to have seen one, you’re probably wrong. Have you ever seen a cute postman deliver your mail right to your face? I’ll bet 10 Galleons that you haven’t. Now, you see, owls have personalities. They have lives, and are not just an inanimate object that we have turned into a speaking death machine (hint: no one likes Howlers). Owls have a purpose like all of us on Earth. While their original purpose was not to send mail, a special bond has arisen between wizardkind and owlkind. As long as we are kind to them, they are loyal to us.

Now, there are always negatives. Yes, I know I have been “Yay Owls!” up till now, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from having muggle parents, it’s that there is always going to be at least one negative. So let’s consider the negative part about owls—they are animals. That means that they will probably stink from flying everywhere, and they are going to need a lot of care. If you are prepared to look after an owl and take good care of it (because after all, they are a pet) then yes, an owl is great! They’re fun, fast, and loyal so long as you provide them the essentials (food, water, and clean cages—although I do recommend no cages when possible as owls do like their freedom to roam about). Oh, and don’t forget about the love. An owl can be your best friend if you show it due affection.

And that’s all from me folks! If you ever want a debate about owls—or anything magical—please feel free to talk to me! I promise I don’t bite. And remember kids: owls are (and will always be) the best method of communication!

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