What can we say—the Wizarding world just keeps getting more exciting, doesn’t it?! There’s a lot of news this week, and a lot of stories to report, and hopefully some tea! A rather unexpected expedition into the Forbidden Forest took place this month. About three days afterward, students at Hogwarts started to report sightings of a girl in her early teens, dressed in rags, appearing at the same spot on the outskirts of the forest and asking for food. Does this have anything to do with the expedition that took place, or was it just caring students looking after her? The Ministry deployed a few of their finest Aurors to search the area and bring the girl into the MoM. Here is their story of what happened that night:

“We set up camp, a couple of miles away from where the students kept spotting her. We made sure to bring food and a blanket for the poor soul who must’ve gotten lost in the forest maybe a month or two ago,” Auror King told us. “It’s very important to us that we care for her, as well as portray the Ministry of Magic as a welcoming environment.”

The Minister for Magic himself, Kingsley Shacklebolt, insisted on being a part of the team that brought her in. He eagerly spoke of the Aurors’ encounter with the girl. “At around two in the morning, we heard the sounds of centaurs at the edge of the forest and peered out to have a look. It turned out that the students hadn’t seen the girl begging for food by the groundskeeper’s cabin—and she wasn’t in rags. If anything, the girl was dressed fit for a queen and was clearly just gathering food for the winter. Of course, we didn’t want to disturb her, but we did want to know more, and so we asked her calmly if she would answer some questions. Surprisingly, she was more than happy to!”

According to the Aurors, the girl had been living with the centaurs for her entire life. Her mother lost her in the forest when she was visiting the headmaster to speak about her child’s future. Apparently, the girl is gifted in ways much more than magic. She spoke about being able to shapeshift—she is a Metamorphmagus, as it turns out—and had been causing havoc at her childhood home at only six months old. Her mother was apparently concerned for her and went to speak to the headmaster to seek help in raising her daughter. The girl also has a name, but for privacy reasons, we are not allowed to share it. The centaurs that she has been living with taught her everything she knows—how to talk, walk, farm, and survive in the harsh forest.

Although she has been living with the centaurs without anyone’s knowledge, the girl should be in her third year at Hogwarts. She may decide to rekindle her relationship with her mother and father and attend school next year. Or perhaps she’ll choose to stay with her forest family if the ministry deems it appropriate to do so. There have been reports of the girl being invited to Hogwarts to talk with the headmaster about her future, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

The girl kept her last name anonymous, so the Ministry of Magic cannot contact her family. Maybe that’s for the best, seeing as the girl wouldn’t recognize her parents.  Additionally, there is a chance her parents may not recognize her either, so that relationship may never exist. We’re unsure here at the Quibbler whether the girl will want to know about her family and her heritage, but for now, we hope that she is having a safe and wonderful time with her centaur family!  Stay tuned with the Quibbler as we continue to investigate the condition of this young witch!

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