Remember Those Time-Turners?

Remember them? Yeah, they’re gone. Or so we are told.

The Ministry of Magic claimed to have destroyed all the Time-Turners, except for the odd one in case of emergency. For years, we have accepted this as the Time-Turners’ fate, without any other thought about it. However, a rumour has been circulating that Time-Turners are back and, unbeknownst to the MoM, have been popping up in stalls around the Black Market. For those who do not know, the black market is a place to sell illegal items, such as Polyjuice Potion and a way to teach others how to cast the Unforgivable Curses. Now, if this rumour is true, we would have a serious problem on our hands. Time-Turners were removed from the magic community for reasons we cannot disclose in this article, but can be found through the MoM. If Time-Turners were to come back, we may have a repeat of the Time War. That was an era where witches and wizards meddled with time so much that it changed the course of every day and caused it to repeat. This took 6 months to fix and we cannot have it happen again. The MoM has sent multiple undercover Aurors into the Black Market as traders to scavenge for illegal items, but none have come back with any Time-Turners. The MoM still have no solid proof that the Time-Turners are back, but this is still a threat to us all.

Do you remember in 1993 when nearly all wizards possessed a Time-Turner? How so many of them used them for illegal doings such as robbery, preventing death, and even covering up crime scenes? There is also a rumour that during 1993, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry gave a Time-Turner to one of its students to allow her to take more classes. We don’t know how she would have managed it, but apparently she did. Well, that was until the MoM banned the use of Time-Turners. Perhaps the main reason for this being such a big uproar is that Time-Turners can be used to change the past, to change what must not be changed. For example, changing the deaths of the Death Eaters could result in countless painful experiences in the present and future. We obviously do not want this to happen, yet now there is a possibility. If these illegal Time-Turners are incapable of doing what was just stated, then maybe they won’t be as bad as everyone claims. But then again, the sentence for possessing a Time-Turner is 10+ years in Azkaban, so hopefully none of you have one near you.

Now, that’s enough of the negatives. Let’s look at some positives! These small items could easily change the past for the better. Of course, you cannot change death or change someone’s fate, but who said changing who becomes the Minister of Magic was a bad thing? Who said freeing those who were wrongly accused was a bad thing? Many people, yes, but do not let these people put you down. Time-Turners are illegal everywhere, and yet there are so many things that the Ministry could use them for—so why don’t they? Is there a secret that we have not been told? Is there something happening down in the MoM that we are not allowed to see? All these questions, and so little time to find the answers.

Maybe we need a Time-Turner.

Of course, anything we say will not change the way the Ministry has chosen to execute their ban of Time-Turners, but we do hope this has opened your mind about what could have been done.

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