The Trolley Witch: The Story You Never Knew

We have all heard of the Trolley Witch, the witch of candy galore.

The Trolley Witch works as a crewmember on the Hogwarts Express. You may spot her walking by, pushing her cart of Honeydukes Express candy. Many students know her from her famous saying, “Anything from the trolley dears?”

However, new discoveries were made during a Hogwarts Express inspection last week, and they aren’t just lollipops under the seats.

The Trolley Witch has been making her famous Pumpkin Pasties into mini-grenades, which are objects that can explode whatever is under, above, or around it. Two students of Hogwarts, Scorpius Malfoy, and Albus Potter are being suspended due to having a part in this crime.

Both boys are Year Three’s and were witnesses in the beginning. When the Ministry interviewed them, they both stated, “We were about to get off the train, when the Trolley Witch pulled us aside and asked if we wanted to see a trick. We agreed, and she took out a Pastie and threw it on the ground. It exploded and then quickly cleaned up the mess itself. She then asked if we wanted to sell some Pasties at Hogwarts for some galleons, and we agreed to that as well.” Sadly, the boys made 2000 galleons from all their Grenade Pasties, which have all been found and destroyed by the Ministry, while the galleons have been returned to their rightful owners.

Now, you may be thinking, what happened when Scorpius and Albus sold the Pumpkin Pasties?

Both boys sold the Pasties to 28 students in total, one including Jenny Sayi, who is a Year Five. She states, “I took up the offer of Pasties after my Charms Class from Albus. After I paid him, I took a bite and right away felt strange. My mouth tasted of metal and fire, and my face quickly turned red and large. I was brought to the Hospital Wing and was in bed for 4 days.” The other 27 students had more miserable injuries including broken bones and comas.

As for the Trolley Witch, she is being interviewed by the Ministry and will have multiple charges. For now, another witch named Liza Berg will be taking her place.

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