House Ghost History

The story about how the house ghosts came to be…


Most may know the Bloody Baron, the Grey Lady, Nearly Headless Nick, and the Fat Friar as The Hogwarts house ghosts, but… how exactly did they come to be the ghosts of those houses? Read more to find out the spookiness behind their stories!


Before starting the story, here’s a short explanation of what a ghost is…

A ghost is the spirit of a once-living wizard/witch. It is only possible to become a ghost if you are a magical being. They are visible and seem greyish-silver to us, but muggles cannot see them very well.

Many questions have popped into the minds of wizards and witches in Hogwarts about their house ghosts. What were these ghosts like before they died? How are they connected with each other? Well… to start off, two of these four ghosts were killed by the same person… the Bloody Baron himself. Who is he, you might ask? The Bloody Baron is the ghost of Slytherin. He was responsible for the death of Helena Ravenclaw and his own. After the Grey Lady ran off with her mother’s diadem, Rowena Ravenclaw sent the Baron to retrieve her from her hiding place. When Helena refused to return, she was stabbed in the chest in rage by the Baron whom later ended his life with the same knife after realizing what he had done.

The third ghost was a very peculiar man indeed. He was executed for his ability to cure the pox by poking people with his wand, or what the muggles refer to as a stick. People grew suspicious of his magic and was killed. This strange wizard was the Fat Friar from Hufflepuff. The Fat Friar is a cheerful person but is known as the ghost who still resents the fact that he never became a cardinal in his life. A cardinal is a senior official at a Catholic Church. Since day one, the humble Fat Friar has welcomed all new students and made them feel at home!

Last but not least is the ghost of Gryffindor, Nearly Headless Nick. As most of you know, he was nearly decapitated, but why exactly was he executed? According to the Daily Prophet, Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington performed magic to straighten Lady Grieve’s crooked teeth the day before his execution. This went completely wrong and Lady Grieve cried in horror as she tried to hide her tusks that had grown.


These ghosts had a rough ending indeed, but how was their life before being a ghost?


All of the ghosts had a normal life before their ‘ghost age’. They all attended Hogwarts and were each sorted into different houses. Let’s start with Helena Ravenclaw. Helena was a normal witch that sorted into Ravenclaw. She was very shy and incredibly jealous of her mother. Later in her years in Hogwarts, she ran off to Albania with her mother, Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem. Of course, this diadem would later be found by Tom Riddle and turn into a horcrux, but Helena didn’t expect that. She thought Tom was understanding and kind but later regretted telling him where she hid the diadem.

Next comes the Bloody Baron. The Baron was sorted into Slytherin and was very outgoing but had a bad temper. The more years he spent at Hogwarts, the more in love he fell with the Grey Lady. He did everything to get her attention, but she never shared the same feelings. It was after his years at Hogwarts that he was crazy in love with her and went to Albania to search for Helena just like Rowena instructed him to do. His temper led him to kill the love of his life, and he stabbed himself in guilt. He was definitely in big trouble with Mrs.Ravenclaw. At this time, Peeves was also around in the castle. He and the Baron were very close and spent almost the whole day together. After Baron was officially the ghost of Slytherin in Hogwarts, Peeves has looked up to him as a king.

Then, there’s the Fat Friar. Obviously, he was very involved in religious activities after graduating Hogwarts. He wished to become a cardinal at the Catholic church. Although he was well known and admired throughout the church, people grew suspicious of him as he started to cure diseases and pull rabbits out the communion cups. This made the senior officials angry and he was later sentenced to death. It was thought by the muggles that the Friar was given these powers by God himself, and were jealous of him.

Lastly, there’s Nearly Headless Nick. Sir Nicholas was a very good student at Hogwarts, even though he tended to fool around and cause trouble around the halls. He was favored by most of his teachers and easily graduated Hogwarts. He was very fond of himself and thought he was better than everyone. This led him to cast magic at Lady Grieve to fix her teeth but failed horribly. Someone should have reminded him that the only class he was poor in was Transfiguration… Long before being sentenced to death, he was well known around his area. He had many friends and was constantly showing off, but no one seemed to mind. It was after his mistake that everyone raged at him and was quickly embarrassed by the Daily Prophet in less than a day. It was the morning after that he was incorrectly decapitated.



Moaning Myrtle can be found weeping in the bathroom stall in the first-floor corridor. She was a muggle-born witch so Tom Riddle ordered Salazar Slytherin’s Basilisk to kill her. She returned as a ghost to haunt her bully, Olive Hornby.


Professor Binns is the History of Magic Professor. He was killed by the flames of a fire that started in the staff room as he took a nap. It is unknown whether he knows that he died or not.


Peeves is usually mistaken for a ghost, but he’s actually never been alive. This means he was amortal, meaning that he never died and he’ll never die because he wasn’t alive in the first place. He is the poltergeist at Hogwarts and causes lots of trouble.

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