Vanishing into Tropical Air: A School of Magic in Fiji?

Last Thursday, Ministry of Magic employees were spotted confiscating an item in Borgin and Burkes to the dismay of the shop owners. It is rumoured to be about a vanishing cabinet, but the reasons for the confiscation remain unsolved.

Early Thursday morning employees of the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects entered Borgin and Burkes, demanding the confiscation of a certain object. Although the incident took place behind closed doors, a female bystander claimed that the confiscated item could have very well been a vanishing cabinet: “I could not hear everything, but what I caught from the, might I say, heated discussion seemed to be about a boy disappearing when entering a wooden object!”. Upon asking how she was able to know this, she smirked and simply shook her head, saying that “those ministry lackeys forgot to cast an imperturbable charm again”.

When asking the Ministry of Magic on the confiscation, all questions remained unanswered and the owners of Borgin and Burkes were not available for any comments as per usual. One wonders how they still can run a shop without ever being present . . .

As no answers were given by the parties involved, an investigation was started into the ‘boy who disappeared’. Paying a visit to St. Mungo’s Hospital, it was found out that a boy was entered into the hospital last Thursday with burns. On the first floor, where creature-induced injuries are treated, the boy named Marcus was found. He seemed to still be a bit out of it, due to the medication for his severe burn wounds, yet he kept on rambling about “crabs” and “mana”.

With the help of a bit of research, mana turns out to be a word used in the Fijian language for ancestral magic. The cabinet could, therefore, be linked to a sister cabinet in Fiji, which would seem to agree with Marcus’ burn wounds and constant rambling about crabs. Fire crabs are native to Fiji and roam free all over the Fijian islands.

Yet, Marcus’ usage of the word mana could refer to a possible school of magic in Fiji, one of which we are not yet aware? The magical school could be very well hidden, especially as Fiji is an archipelago consisting of around 330 islands and 500 small islets. As many islets have not been properly mapped out or investigated by the Ministry of Magic, a magical school may as well be located over there. How grand would that be, stumbling upon a magical school no one even knew the existence of? In the tropics no less!

Of course, so far these conclusions are built on speculation and suspicions, as unfortunately no official and lucid answers were given. Hence, this incident calls for more investigation when the time is ripe.

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