Muggles Ask the Most Important Question: Do Wizards Eat Pizza?

The most important question of our time. Do we, as wizards, eat pizza? Well of course we do! But what type of pizza?

Muggle Pizza? Oh, surely we wouldn’t eat a boring mixture of dough and this weird sauce and… whatever that thing was that they put on top. No, no, no!

Of course, this means that we will have to travel back in time to 1899 in Italy when a Muggle-born wizard dreamt of creating the best pizza the world had ever seen. But at the time, the wizarding world was closed off from the muggle community, therefore the old wizard could not fulfill his dreams. He wrote the recipe down, begged any wizarding bakeries if he could create the masterpiece that was to be the Magia Misterio Pizza.  Sadly, all the magical bakeries laughed at him, saying he was a fool, but he never stopped trying. He passed it on to his children, who at the time were in their early twenties. His grandchildren inherited it after that, until finally, in 1915 when his oldest grandchild became a cook in a beautiful restaurant now known as Florean Fortescue’s Pizzeria. The child named his restaurant after his grandfather, creating the pizza that was written on the old paper in scruffy handwriting. And it was delightful! People from all over the magical world came to Italy to see and taste the most beautiful pizza. And although it may have been the best pizza in the world, many companies started to copy from the restaurant, making a profit in their home countries of England and Scotland. The pizzeria was brought by none other than Florean Fortescue, and the old recipe was locked away and hasn’t been seen or made since 1965.

So, to answer your question, yes, we wizards and witches eat tremendous amounts of pizza. But it will never be the same as the first magical pizza that was made. His name is not disclosed, as his great-great-grandchildren claim that he would not like the publicity when he is no longer alive.

Go and see your pizzeria, and tell them how much you love pizza! Have a magical pizza party tonight! Invite your friends, family, neighbours! And have a toast to the man who invented magical pizza.

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