Witch Thinks She Befriends Centaur… But What Happens Next Will Shock You!

25-year-old Cynthia Tremor left her house one night just four weeks ago without knowing that her life would be changed forever. The witch, who was trying to pursue a career in the Divine branch of Astronomy, had recently opened a fortune-telling business to predict customers’ futures by “reading the night sky.” Her business had been flourishing, and according to Cynthia, she wanted to take a walk under the vast atmosphere that had helped it thrive so. However, she soon walked into a forest near her house, and when she came out something very odd had happened to her.

As it turns out, the forest behind Tremor’s house was home to a small tribe of centaurs. This tribe was infamous in the area for being extremely difficult to find . . . and for being particularly aggressive.

When Tremor entered the forest, she was completely oblivious to the dangers that lurked in the shadows of this “familiar” treeline. In just a few moments, Tremor would be taken by the arm, a hand over her mouth, and led to the very heart of the forest, where something particularly threatening dwelled. Despite her muffled screams, there was definitely no miracle in store for her.

Just as it seemed that Ms. Tremor and her captor had been walking forever, they came to a clearing. Her captor yelled, “All rise!” and a mass of centaurs came thundering out of the shadows encircling the clearing! Tremor hadn’t the faintest clue what her fate was to be.

“You know we don’t allow humans in this forest,” Tremor recalls one of the taller centaurs grumbling. She says she replied meekly, with an “Actually . . . I didn’t?”

As it turns out, Tremor’s life may have been saved by a centaurian stalker! His name was Fax, and he spoke up for her as the gruff, more violent centaurs discussed ways to punish her. Tremor tells us that Fax admitted to watching her through the trees as she set up telescopes and scribbled predictions in her notebook almost every night and had grown attached to her. Feeling safe, having seemingly befriended at least one centaur, Tremor relaxed. After all, it wasn’t every day you became friends with someone outside of your own species who had the potential to save you!

To Tremor’s shock, Fax seemed to bow down to her a little before saying . . .

“Will you marry me?”

Ms. Tremor says she was completely taken aback. After all, she had only just met Fax, and he wasn’t even a human! However, she told him that if they could spend more time together and get to know each other, then yes, she would marry him. But there would be more bumps on the road than that . . .

Two weeks later, Cynthia Tremor enthusiastically told her new fiancee that she would indeed marry him! However, there would be problems to come. The Ministry of Magic had a law against marrying someone outside the human species without express permission from the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Understandably, Tremor was outraged upon discovering this! Centaurs are, after all, half human. Either way, she and Fax decided that their love was too strong to die because of some wishy-washy, codswallop law, so they began a petition.

One week later, they were given permission to be joined lawfully in matrimony! The couple is currently planning their wedding, which they say will hopefully take place in one month’s time. Whenever it turns out to be, we’re definitely happy for them and their happy ending!

There’s only one question left for us . . . how many layers on the wedding cake?

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