Scavenger Hunt at Hogwarts!

It’s an exciting time here at the Quibbler, as we have just reached 5500+ (Now 6500+) editions read or purchased! To celebrate, we sponsored a scavenger hunt around Hogwarts sponsored by the Designer team. We spoke with the professors, asking which places were the best to hide the treasure in, and they gave us the most daring of places that only the bravest would find. Of course, there was a mix of students that attended, ranging from year ones to year sevens. Unsurprisingly, Hufflepuff had the most students attend while Ravenclaw had the least.

Their prizes included 5 house points, 1000 Galleons graciously given to them by the Quibbler team, some fire-whiskey (which the students have been told to use responsibly), flowers to make a beautiful flower crown, some pumpkins to decorate their common rooms with for Halloween, and of course, some fireworks that students have been forbidden to use inside the school—although you will always get the cheeky few who are desperate to use them inside, so beware.

The Quibbler team is ecstatic, and are very thankful for 5500+ views! We hope to continue providing you with helpful articles to add to the magical world.

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