Rare Snidget spotted in London

A flock of Golden Snidgets has been spotted in downtown London. It’s the second time that a flock of Snidgets has been seen outside the Modesty Rabnott Snidget Reservation in Somerset, England.

The birds were spotted flying over Piccadilly Circus by a group of wizards from Belarus. The last time a flock of Golden Snidgets was spotted outside of the reservation was in 1593. After the introduction of the Snidget to the game of Quidditch back in 1269, the population of Golden Snidgets declined to the point of becoming nearly extinct. Only after Elfrida Clagg gave the birds an XXXX-classification, did the population start to grow.

After asking Magizoologist Edgar Pokeby, great-grandson of famous Magizoologist Gulliver Pokeby, he explained that the flock of Golden Snidgets could be seen flying above London due to the changing seasons. “Just like ordinary birds, Golden Snidgets have the urge to fly south during the colder seasons. Until now, the population was too small to survive the journey to Africa,” he said.

Does this mean the that Golden Snidget is not endangered anymore? “No, one flock of Golden Snidgets doesn’t make it a nonendangered species.” Pokeby told us, “We still need to look out for poachers. Even when they aren’t endangered, the feathers are worth more than Occamy eggshells.”.

At Quibbler we think it’s our duty to support the Modesty Rabnott Snidget Reservation and we are proud to say we have donated 1,500 galleons to the reservation in order to support the endangered Golden Snidget. You can also help by donating galleons or your time. All help is needed to save the Snidget from dying out.

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