Wizard Tries To Expose Magic in Tokyo

A 35-year-old wizard trying to expose the Wizarding world escaped the Aurors last Friday when he attempted to expose our world in Toyko Japan.

In the afternoon, the local Aurors office got an Owl that there was trouble in downtown Tokyo. When the Aurors arrived on the spot the suspect was nowhere to be seen. After interviewing eye-witnesses they found out local wizard Shoda Fukui tried to expose the wizarding world for the 5th time this month, without success. When Shoda performed his magic tricks bystanders thought he was a street performer. One even said: “It just felt so real. How he shouted random words and waved his stick”. The called in obliviators deemed it not needed to obliviate all muggles who saw the show. All of them were under the impression Shoda was a street artist. Some even gave him some spare change.

Auror reports state that the 35-year-old wizard got frustrated with the muggles when they started clapping after he performed basic magic tricks like Lumos and Wingardium Leviosa. The report also states that the muggles kept clapping for over half an hour in the hope Shoda returned, after he fled the scene to an unknown location, for more magical tricks.

Local Aurors are baffled by the modern muggles and their perception of the world. “It’s as if muggles don’t believe in magic anymore. It’s just a form of entertainment for them” says Head of Aurors Tetsku Akashi “If this is the new standard, maybe we should reconsider the modern laws in the statue of secrecy”.

2 thoughts on “Wizard Tries To Expose Magic in Tokyo

  1. I really think that this is a very serious issue.

    I have noticed that some people really want to let muggles know about our world.
    But one must remember that many of our ancestors were prosecuted and killed for being witches and wizards.
    For example, my 13th great-grandmother cured her neighbour’s son who had dragon pox. But when the mayor found out She was send on trial for devil-worshipping, she denied but was still burned for devil worshipping.

    By this I don’t mean to say that we should totally close ourself off from muggles, but we still have to be very careful and punish the people who risk our secrecy.

    Kind regards,

    Benjamin “Milky” Prang

  2. Even though I understand the concern raised by Benjamin Prang, I do think it might be a good idea to reconsider our stance towards the secrecy of magic and exposing it to the muggle world.

    Times have changed, and trying to engage and come together is something we should pursue. Living in fear and secrecy can be very tiring and limiting. If we never test the waters, we can never truly develop as a society.

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