Quidditch Recap Week 1


The new season barely started but already exciting things have happened during the first round of the British and Irish Quidditch League. While the first match of this season was played in the Ilkley Moor Quidditch Stadium between the Holyhead Harpies and the Falmouth Falcons, the real match of this week was played in the Exmoor Quidditch Stadium between the Chudley Cannons and the Ballycastle Bats. Both wanting to prove they are serious contenders for this year’s championship.

Holyhead Harpies – Falmouth Falcons

While the reigning champions (Falmouth Falcons) are the favorite of this matchup between two great powers in the Quidditch League, the Holyhead Harpies already won the fashion prize. Dressed in their beautiful green robes, the ladies of the Harpies have outdone themselves this year on their outfit and looks. Especially their new keeper Steffie Lowe, who looked great in green.

With the Ilkley Moor Quidditch Stadium packed, the Falcons took an early lead in the game by scoring after just 27 seconds. Chaser and Team Captain Morgan Thompson made the first goal against the new keeper who only let slip 25 goals over her last season at Durmstrang. Only further proving the skill difference between professionals and amateurs. After about an hour in the game, the score was 140 – 130 for the Harpies. While neither Terry Edwards nor Mandy Bradley spotted the snitch after two hours, the lead for the Harpies became a 350 – 230 lead. Out of nowhere, Terry Edwards dove to the ground and before Mandy Bradley could react Terry showed the spectators the Golden Snitch in his hand, making the final score 350 – 380 for the Falcons.

After the game, Tanner Web (Harpies Coach) said to our reporter that the girls played fantastically, but they should keep focus. A loss like this shouldn’t have happened if Mandy paid a bit more attention to what her opponent was doing.

Wigtown Wanderers – Caerphilly Catapults 

The matchup between the Wigtown Wanderers and the Caerphilly Catapults was played in the English National Quidditch Stadium. Fans who came to this on paper amazing matchup between two teams with a rich history were left with an odd game. With a final score of 150 – 20 in favor for the Wanderers, this quick match was everything but dull. And both teams were left speechless during the press conference.

In the first minute after the game had started both Tyler Lyons and Tylor Haynes had scored for the Catapults, however in the second minute of the game Justice Russell, the new seeker for the Wigtown Wanderers started her chase for the snitch, not long after being trailed by Jaime Cox. The chase only lasted for 5 minutes, but many fans felt like they were watching a never-ending fight between two of the top seekers in the league. Eventually, Russell caught the snitch by standing on her broom and jumping forwards. Many fans held their hearts when she did this move as she was nearly a hundred feet in the air. Luckily her teammates caught her during her fall.

Chudley Cannons – Ballycastle Bats 

Probably the least exciting match of the first week was the match between the Cannons and the Bats. In the Exmoor Quidditch Stadium, the score stayed at a low 80 – 290 for the Bats. After half an hour of playing, Rene Kelly caught the snitch without any sign of Ash Lewis around her.

After the match, Skyler Whitfield, coach of the Ballycastle Bats, commented: “It isn’t about the fun in Quidditch. We are here to win the cup this year”. This wasn’t taken for granted by her team and the team owner. There are already rumors that she will be replaced within the next weeks by a more supportive coach.

Tutshill Tornados – Wimbourne Wasps

Over in the Yorkshire Moors Quidditch Stadium, the match between the Tutshill Tornados and the Wimbourne Wasps turned out to be a real thrill. The game lasted for over four hours with both teams in outstanding shape. It wasn’t until the second hour that the Wasps caught a solid lead over the Tornados. With the score being 310 – 390 at that point, the Tornados fought for every point they could get and at the three-hour mark, they took back the lead. They managed to stretch this lead to a 560 – 490 score when Wasps seeker Cameron Hawkins started his chase after the snitch. Both teams realized they had to give every last bit of energy they had to win. Where the Tornados focused on scoring to take a 150-point lead, the Wasps tried everything they could to prevent Aaren McDonald catching the snitch. After a chase of 10 minutes, Cameron held up the snitch, ending the match with a score of 560 – 640.

Puddlemere United – Appleby Arrows

In the Bodmin Moor Millenium Stadium old Gryffindor keeper and Puddlemere veteran, Oliver Wood took up the Appleby Arrows. Oliver being in his 23rd season for the southern team is still not thinking about putting his career to an end after this season. He told a Quibbler reporter he still loves the game and is willing to be the captain and keeper for Puddlemere United until he gets hit with a bludger to the face.

Sadly the veteran keeper didn’t manage to stop as many quaffles as needed to win the game. With a thrilling score of 210 – 220 the Arrows were victorious this time. Drew White caught the snitch after an hour playing time which gave the Arrows a much-needed boost to win with 10-points.

Blake Hunt (Coach Appleby Arrows) wasn’t happy with how his team played. He stated they got lucky for winning this game.

Kenmare Kestrels – Montrose Magpies

Starting off their season, the Kenmare Kestrels face off against the Montrose Magpies. Over at the Ellis Moor Quidditch Stadium, Kenmare’s chasers, Kris Sharp and Robin Thompson, were able to make a series of maneuvers scoring multiple goals in the first 25 minutes, giving them a large lead. Quite an exciting game for the fans in attendance as there was no dull moment. Both teams were scoring left and right. Another exciting moment for longtime fans of the Magpies is Shay Watkins, great niece of the famous Fabius Watkins, who is starting her first year with the team. A very promising chaser!

Although the Kestrels scored over and over, gaining a bigger lead by the minute, the Montrose Magpies ended the match when their seeker, Dane Shaw, found and caught the snitch as soon as they pulled ahead. This happened, while the Kenmare seeker, Morgan Patel, was distracted by a large green and yellow Kenmare poster, not that it mattered. Ending the game with a score of 540 – 320 for the kestrels.


Stay tuned for more, Quibbler reporters will continue to be hot on the trail.  

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