Felix: Heart-Of-Gold Headmaster or Greedy Galleon Gobbler?

You all know Felix Black, the celebrated Headmaster of Hogwarts, who is known for his generosity. But is there really no greed and avarice inside of this seemingly innocent Headmaster?

Once before, our Headmaster Felix admitted to having robbed Gringotts during a Christmas season, accumulating a large amount of gold in the process. Even earlier than that, Gringotts scams had been occurring and large amounts of valuables were stolen. It was found out that there were wizards casting the Imperius Curse on a guard dragon of a vault. No one has the access to the Imperious Curse… Except maybe Felix, as all master spells go to him before being released…

Those wizards were caught by the Ministry, where they were then put in court, and later into Azkaban. But, if they were just another wizard, why would their name be unknown and hidden to all of us? That made me think… It must be someone with a lot to lose and a lot to influence with. Just another wizard would not be able to influence the best of guards to conceal their name. It must have been someone important. Which wizard perfectly fills that description? Our “innocent” Headmaster Felix.

Now, what has happened at the end of last month? Gringotts programs are being removed. Clearly, this is another one of Felix’s furtive ways to gain more money. Have you ever wondered why Felix is the wealthiest wizard in the world?

Everyone, get your money away from Gringotts, out of Felix’s hands, so they won’t be “mysteriously taken” by a not-so-mysterious wizard. Evidently, Felix is not as innocent as he seems. There might be an Azkaban guard out there who “won the lottery” and a dementor wondering why Felix’s cell is empty.

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