9 Secret Rooms in Hogwarts You Didn’t Know About

1. The Hidden Garden Room

In the middle of all chaos that is called the Grand Staircase, there are many paintings leading to new places. One of those paintings leads to the peaceful room filled with flowers. This room is perfect for people who love being outdoors but can’t due to rain or snow. Nobody knows who made the room, but it is suspected that the Herbology professor is responsible for this little gem of a room. To enter the Garden Room you’ll need to find the fruit bowl painting one flight of stairs up, on the right of the first floor corridor.

2. The Ravenclaw Library

Tired of Madam Pince telling you to be quiet all the time? Look no further for a new study room. The members of Ravenclaw have got you covered. The Ravenclaw Library is a place where every bookworm feels comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you want to relax by the fireplace or need to work really hard on that werewolf essay; you will feel right at home here. The library can be found on the fourth floor, next to the NPC named Dalton. Just press the button on the wall and a door will open up for you. Then all you need to do is follow the path downstairs.

3. Charles’ Study Room

Do you get bothered a lot by people while doing homework? Is the Ravenclaw Library too far away? Why don’t you go to Charles’ study room? It’s located between the first and second floor behind a painting of the library. The reason it is called Charles’ study room is because Charles can be found here all year round. He’s a must-see for everyone who wants to finish all the quests, since he gives out a vital quest that gives you information on where the homework room is.

4. The Secret Meeting Room

Wanting to plot your next move in taking over Hogwarts? Or just a small meeting to discuss the latest Quidditch game? This secret meeting room is what you need. The room can fit 7 people and is easily accessible. Don’t forget to bring your wand to cast Lumos, since the room is rather dark. To enter the room, go up the stairs right of the third floor, and walk through the painting on the left.

5. Slytherin’s Hidden Bathroom

We all know the trouble of having to go to the bathroom during a potions class. Luckily there is a secret bathroom in the dungeons. It’s located on the left wall (click a button to reveal the secret passage) when you exit the potions classroom and can help you with all problems. You can take a lovely bath and go to the toilet. On the second floor there is even a dueling area, although it is unclear if professors allow you to duel here. When you are done taking a bath, and you want to have some more water fun, try swimming up the waterfall and go down the water slide that is hidden within!

6. The Nutty Bread Room

The Nutty Bread Room is probably the most secret room on this list. Although many people have heard of it, only a few know how to get in. Since this room has an unlimited supply of the highly-sought-after Nutty Bread, they aren’t willing to give up this secret. We at the Quibbler want you to be informed of all things, but sadly as of now, we have no idea how to get to this room. The person who provided us with a picture refused to reveal the biggest mystery within Hogwarts. All we know is that it is located on the third floor behind some cobwebs and a banner. After that we hit a locked door and Alohomora didn’t work.

7. Greenhouse #10

Tired of having to leave the castle during rainy days just for a single class of Herbology? Convince your professor to have the class in Greenhouse #10. This greenhouse is way more spacious and it even features life-sized trees! To get to Greenhouse #10 you’ll need to go up the stairs when you enter the castle from the greenhouses. Then just hop through one of the paintings and go up the stairs. Nothing hard about finding it, and it will make those boring Herbology classes fun for once!

8. The Polyjuice Potions Room

Brewing a Polyjuice Potion is highly illegal, especially within Hogwarts. Although the famous Harry Potter brewed one in his second year, doesn’t mean everyone should. However, it seems our beloved Potions professor created his own private and hidden room dedicated to this forbidden potion. It’s located behind the Headmaster Snape painting between the basement and dungeon floors. But be careful not to get caught by Mr. Filch!

9. The Hidden Living Room

Sometimes being at Hogwarts can be lonely, and you may long to feel like you’re at home again. Well, this room might be perfect for you! Located behind the Slug Club painting on the right when you enter the Grand Staircases, this hidden room is perfect for not being in Hogwarts. Ask some house elves to bring you a lovely cup of tea or relax in front of the fire with some friends. This room has everything you need to feel right at home.


Do you know a secret room we didn’t mention? Please leave a comment explaining where this room is! We would love to hear them!

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