You are Nox, trying to muffle our light,
But we can cast Lumos Maxima, blinding you.
You may Alohomora our innermost secrets,
But we can just Colloportus them again.
You may cast Aguamenti until you overwhelm us and we are drowning in our own emotions,
But we can cast Impervius.
You may try to Fidelius us,
But we can cast Specialis Revelio with ease.
You can try to set fire to our souls with Incendio ‘till we want to die,
But we can just heal ourselves with a Healing Charm as you fail to roast us.
You can try to Diffindo us until we break,
Only to have us rise up higher than you ever were with Wingardium Leviosa.
You can try to knock us back down to your level with Flipendo,
But we can control you with Impero.
You can attempt to Obliviate who we are
And you can try to make us blush and want to give up with Riddikulus,
But we will just keep going forward, the way we want, with Point Me.
You can Cruciatus us until we are broken with no mind,
Only to have us Accio our very thoughts and feelings back.
Put us in the darkness of normality
And we’ll shine brighter than we ever have with Lumos Solem.
Don’t try to make our personalities smaller with Reducio,
Because we are an Undetectable Extension Charm with more depth than you could ever fathom.
For every single curse in existence,
We have a stronger defense.
We will always win against your
futile attempts to break us,
so quit trying.

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