Ten Uses of the Rubber Duck!

Everyone knows just how excited Arthur Weasley was when he first encountered a rubber duck. What most of you may not know, however, is that there are many uses for such a device! Rubber ducks aren’t just bath toys. This article uncovers and explains ten of these uses for you in the hopes that you will try some of these newfound ways to enjoy your own rubber duck. (Or, if you don’t have one already, then perhaps you’ll be convinced to go buy one!)

  1. A life-saving floatation device. It’s true! Well, at least it is for small mammals that can’t swim. At the very least, you can carry one around in your pocket and toss it to any drowning squirrels!
  2. A water gun! All you have to do is squeeze it while holding it underwater, and it’s ready for action. Aim and squeeze again to drench your best friend!
  3. A candy carrier! The tiny hole in the bottom of a rubber duck is the perfect place to shove your Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans! For extra fun, only fill it with the gross flavors and offer them to your friends!
  4. A call for help! If you’re ever in a pickle, pull out your rubber duck and squeeze repeatedly. It will let out a shrill squeak that will alert anyone in the nearby vicinity to your plight. Hopefully someone will take it seriously and come help you out!
  5. A bank! Stuff your spare Knuts and Sickles in the tiny hole for a fun and creative place to store your spare change! You may have to cut the hole a bit bigger, though. Hmmm…
  6. A stress reliever! There’s more than one way to squeak a duck! If you’re feeling super stressed or anxious, pull out your rubber duck and squeak away! You’ll feel relaxed in no time.
  7. A projectile! If someone in your vicinity starts annoying you, throw your rubber duck at them! Not only will it feel great for you to do, it will look hilarious. Seriously, a rubber duck hitting someone in the face. Classic.
  8. A fan! Or, well, a way to dispense air at your face. If you’re feeling a bit sweaty, aim the rubber duck at your face and squeeze! A short burst of air will be released, instantly cooling you off.
  9. A snuggle buddy! If you’re feeling lonely, pull out your rubber duck and give it a hug. It will always be there for you in times of need.
  10. A beautiful decoration for your home! Yes, it’s true. Some people collect bizarre things like paintings or jewels, but you can stand out by collecting the best rubber ducks and displaying them everywhere!

And there you have it! Now go out into the world and use your rubber duck the way it was meant to be used! Don’t forget to tell your friends how to use their rubber ducks, too!

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