A Lovely Conversation With Our Retired Potions Professor

Join us for a one on one interview with our ever-favourite and esteemed Potion Master, Pox! They have graciously offered us an opportunity to catch more of a glimpse into their lifestyle as a Professor, and given some helpful tips along the way. Keep in mind that Pox was also a student like you guys, and just goes to show that you can achieve your goals if you work hard at it.

The retired Professor mostly can be found either hanging out in the Potions room or skulking around the forest looking for fresh ingredients. Be sure to approach them and say hi, and maybe even get an autograph if you give them a warm hug!


Cran: “What inspired you to be a Professor?”

Pox: “My spark would probably be around the time I joined DC, actually. I was later chosen as a captain, and learned that I was actually decent at interacting with people. From there it was on and off, Didds and I later secretly plotting to go for professor roles after O.W.L.’s. A lot had to do with how fun it was to interact with the rest of the community. As a shopkeep, more come and go interaction, whereas with Professor, although it’s a lot of teaching, bonds tend to be that bit stronger. I love making impacts in student lives and helping them learn a whole bunch too!”

Cran: “What would you find most difficult when working as a Professor?”

Pox: “Probably having to work with such a diverse team. I love participating in a tight-knit group, but there are often times people disagree civilly. It’s to be expected with so many different people with many different personalities!”


Cran: “What was your life like as a Professor?”

Pox: “Unpredictable to be quite honest. There’s a lot more than just classes and teaching. There are often fun times, stressful times, and hard times, but if you work at it with a steady and calm mind it should be no trouble. Overall it was a fun adventure because it was such a continuously growing experience!”

Cran: “Do any experiences stick out in your mind?”

Pox:“I’d definitely say one would be the ridiculous amount of screaming before testing sessions during the O.W.L’s. There were many screams, many tantrums, many panic attacks and many tears, but also an unusual amount of wheezing…”

 “What was your first impression of the other Professors?”

Pox: “When joining with Didds, the current Professors were retired Care of Magical Creatures Professor – Mint, and current Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, Poto. I already felt close to them, considering we were pretty good friends. Nonetheless however, I still was a tad bit intimidated by their status, reputation and overall experience. After working with them for a while, however, I realised they can be as silly as me!”

 “I’m sure a lot of us are aching to hear the tad bit of gossip. Why did you resign as Professor?”

Pox:“I won’t go into specific details, but it all kinda fell down to one main factor. I’m aware not everyone is able to agree 100% of the time, but if disagreements aren’t held calmly, it can be very draining. Sometimes I’d end up in an argument and just wanted to sleep for days on end afterwards. The team itself is definitely a rowdy and fun bunch, but it can get a bit tiring, y’know? I’d like to believe I left everyone on good terms, especially with the newer staff. They’re pulling through after some downturns, which I can respect quite a bit.”

“What advice do you have for aspiring Professors?”

Pox: “Don’t be upset if you don’t get immediate support, because chances are that person is trying to lead you in the right direction. Work on the criticism given to you, and you should soon become a pro!”

As a closing remark, Pox had this interesting little tidbit to say; “Hallo, I’m Pox and I enjoy long walks with Giggs and eating a whole lot!”

I think we can find that we all share something in common with Pox.

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