The History of the Leaky Cauldron

The Leaky Cauldron is a popular pub and inn located in Charing Cross Road, London. It is used as an entrance to the wizarding shopping area called Diagon Alley. The leaky cauldron has been there for many centuries, and some interesting things have happened throughout the years.

In the 1500s, a witch by the name of Daisy Dodderidge built the Leaky Cauldron and successfully made a gateway to the wizarding world from the Muggle world. There was no Charing Cross Road at the time, Leaky Cauldron as built along Diagon Alley and its address was 1 Diagon Alley. The pub was visible for Muggle eyes at the time and they would not be turned away if they entered the Leaky Cauldron.

The Inn was made more into a safe haven for wizards and witches in 1692 by Minister Ulick Gamp. There was debate whether the gateway to Diagon Alley should be kept open, but the Minister eventually gave the landlord permission. After that, the landlord even created a beer in Gamp’s name called Gamp’s Old Gregarious. It tasted so horrible, that nobody was able to drink it.

When the creation of Charing Cross Road was underway, the Leaky Cauldron had some troubles. If the Road had been made how it was originally planned, the pub would have been flattened. Before this actually happened, many wizards rallied to save the Leaky Cauldron. The rallying wizards came up with a way to alter the route of the road. They used Memory Charms all over the road, which led the architects confused as to why there was a blank space, and why it didn’t appear to the naked eye.

These days the Leaky Cauldron is a small, dingy pub, where travelers can come rest and catch up on the latest gossip. The menu of the pub has also grown. There are seven dishes included in the Luncheon menu, from House, House Soup to Soup, Soup Soup. The price of these dishes vary, but they are all about four sickles each. Specialties are also part of the menu, such as the Pickled eel, Steak and Kidney pie and Roast hog, which cost a galleon. Game pie is a special dish made from different kinds of meat and it costs two galleons.

The Leaky Cauldron serves all kinds of beverages. The usual Beer, Brandy, and Tea, but Exploding lemonade as well. Exploding lemonade is known to be potentially hazardous to those who drink it. It tastes like lemon but explodes in the drinker’s mouth due to some sort of variant of lemon that explodes.

To get to know the condition and price of the Leaky Cauldron’s rooms, we sent one our reporters to spend a night there. This is what they reported back: “My room was on the first floor, number 11. The room was very spacey and quite clean. There were some stains on the walls, but nothing big. The bed was comfortable, I had no problems with that. The fireplace adds feel to the room, and it keeps the room warm of course. Probably my favourite thing in this room was the talking mirror. This mirror gave good advice on my appearance, at least most of the time. I think overall the room was great and it did its purpose. They don’t cost much either which is always a plus. Good experience.”

The Leaky Cauldron will continue to stay as one of the best inns in London. It is truly an experience and I would highly recommend to pay it a visit, even just to have a drink.

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